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Nami Tamaki – Fortune June 13, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. Fortune
  2. Everlasting
  3. DreamerS
  4. Fortune -Instrumental-

1. Fortune

How majestic is the beginning, it’s almost awesome, then right after the synths jump right in making it very dance-like.  I love her vocals in this song, its almost calming really.  The chorus shoots out and it’s very anthemy and we go back to the majestic synth noises.  This is my favorite Nami single for a reason and it’s this song right here.

2. Everlasting

Everlasting is the wintry song represented from the “Fortune” single.  How well was it? I like it, because it doesnt stay real ballad as most “Winter” songs are, you can here the Guitar wailing through the chorus, which is definitly intriguing at the most.  Then she enters the second verse and her Acoustic guitar, which is really nice.  All in all, this song is nice to hear when your bored.

3. DreamerS

Very much like some of her stuff from “Greeting” this song actually really didn’t catch my attention at first, eventually I got used to it though.  Still It’s nothing like “Koisuruchikara” and they both sound alike.  Somehow I think “Distance”, “Promised Land”, DreamerS, and “Koisurushikara” are all alike in a way…Maybe it’s just me, but they just have the same qualities one way or another.  Still, this is an OK song.



Fortune, used for Radiata Stories was a great song and single.  Fortune was the awesome dance track she needed, Everlasting, our power winter ballad, and DreamerS the hopeful song.  Though Fortune and DreamerS do go on to be on “Make Progress”.  Everlasting is actually not missed much by me. So I’m alright with the decision.


One Response to “Nami Tamaki – Fortune”

  1. I agree totally !!!
    is one from the best songs !!!
    aside to” shining star  ☆ wasurenai kara☆”

    i like so much dreamers, is my best song from this single, i loveit, and i like so much more in concert version XD

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