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Perfume – love the world July 9, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. love the world
  2. edge
  3. love the world -Original Instrumental-
  4. edge -Extended Mix-

1. love the world

*giggles* this is my kind of song right here.  It’s cute but not overbearing.  Actually, it sounds very classy to me.  Cute bleeps are heard first in the song and wow it does set the mood for the song.  Nakata has created, yet another “masterpiece” tune with love the world.  The girls sound great and their voices remind me of “Polyrhythm” for some odd reason.  It’s such a great pop tune!

2. edge

When, I 1st say the tracklisting I immediatly said that this would be an aggressive song.  I was so right!  Well, it isn’t as hardcore as “Electro World” or “GAME” but still has that great sound I love from Nakata.  The beat is constant and in flux with the oter instrumentation, and to be honest it’s perfect.  It’s a little bit repetitive but c’mon look at their past songs, repetitiveness works for them for each song, “Linear Motor Girl”, “Inryoku”, and “Chocolate Disco” all have that sameness and yet it worked.  I happy to say right now this is my favorite Perfume song.

3. edge -Extended Mix-

I won’t say much on this but it’s a longer version of the B-side.  There’s a longer instrumentation part and there’s was a few tweaks in the arrangement stringed in the song.  Other than that, not much difference really.


This single is also one of the better singles of the summer right now.  DAMNIT Nakata!!!!  Addictive songs both are, love the world being cute and classy and edge, an aggressive and wondrous song it is.  I will suggest this single to everyone!!!