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Eri Nobuchika – Lights August 3, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. Lights
  2. I hear the music in my soul
  3. Lights (ACOUSTICS)
  4. Lights (KARAOKE)

1. Lights

Yea, the song has a nice piano beginning, though repeating a lot and it does create some boredom.  When Eri comes in OMG, she’s got a great voice.  Then  all of sudden you hear a rise in sound unti she comes in for the chorus where the it changes alogether into the dance beat.  After the 2nd run-through the chorus there’s beautiful strings. After all that though it ends sourly for me and I wanted so much more.

2. I hear the music in my soul

As if she knows what I like, we get another dance track but it’s so repetitive and so long too clocking at over 8 minutes.  Most of the time we’re focused on the ad-libs and the music.  Eri only true lyrics is practically the title of the song, how bad is that?  About at the 2:40 mark we get a change in sound and it goes into a more trance like sound which made me happy.  Still, I like the album version so much better.

3. Lights (ACOUSTIC)

Taking the dance beats out for more of a ballad take on the single.  Lights in this form was a little better for me since we got to hear more of Eri’s great vocals.  It still has the beautiful string accompainment in it also, that really made the song better also. 



Eri’s debut single, Lights was OMG different.  Lights was how dare I say it, awesome!  It contained a beautiful strings area and there was an addicting dance beat to it.  I hear the music in my soul was a dance tune, but too long and repetitive for me.  The acoustic Lights made the song more powerful in a ballad form.  A great single


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