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MAXIMUM THE HORMONE – Tsume Tsume Tsume/F August 18, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. Tsume Tsume Tsume
  2. 「F」
  3. Kill All The 394

1. Tsume Tsume Tsume

Damn, already from the start we get such wild sounds.  After Daisuke-han finished he’s yelling we get to some pretty good riffs from the band.  Then we enter the chorus where things sort of makes sense but as easily it starts we’re lef back in the growling.  The thing I love though is Nao or the female drummer of the group.  I ❤ her and respect so much.  She’s awesome.  I still think her skills are the major point for the song since she carries the beat and it’s wild.  The middle then hits a real metal moment with so much yelling.  Still it’s very good for a metal song.

2. 「F」

F is so much crazier than “Tsume Tsume Tsume” but at the same time we got Ryo-kun and Nao singing together which is pretty cool since they are blood related.  The song actually has a more clearer melody and has more togetherness.  I love when they go for abstract beats, it makes it more enjoyable.  I think they are saying ~Freezer~ which is probably what “F” meant.  Still the ending was awesome with that loud bass line from Ue-Chan.  Awesome track.  OHHHH, after reading the translations it turns out the song is one major Dragonball Z love-fest and they are yelling ~Frieza~  The totally changed my opinion of the song, well maybe not a lot, but I love the song a lot more now.

3. Kill All The 394

Sounded like they were in a studio before starting up.  The song is also crazy like the previous tracks but in it lays some sort of playfulness to it.  Mostly you can hear it in the chorus.  Shockingly, this is a very short track not even hitting 2 minutes.  So it’s likely there just for filler.  Still I like their fun songs.



MAXIMUM THE HORMONE is an awesome ass band.  They are so unique with Ue-chan playing the bass like Flea from RHCP, Daisuke-han who is the screamer of the band who’s got so much energy to him it’s crazy, Ryo-kun who leads the band and plays some awesome guitar and Nao THE COOLEST DRUMMER EVER.  Ok, well the single itself actually was number one on the Orican charts for 4 straight days, you’d think they get No. 1 for the week right?  NOPE!, This was the week that Perfume took it with “love the world.  Which is pretty odd.  Still this single was awesome and great to hear from them since they havent released a single since last year.


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