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access – Dream Runner August 30, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. Dream Runner
  3. Dream Runner (TV version)
  4. Dream Runner (Instrumental)

1. Dream Runner

Definitly an odd and annoying start with Takami bein long and stupid.  Daisuke comes in with some interesting synths I have never heard in his collection.  There’s something obviously familiar with the song and Takami is in limbo with some of the worst notes to hold.  Just ruins the song, but the angry verses are quite nice for being access…Not a good A-side and disappoints after “Doubt & Trust”


Then we get this very upbeat, almost soothing dance track.  Then Takami shoots lyrics like rapid fir which was hard to swallow but he comes back to Earth with some smoother stuff.  It’s odd for me and was probably unusual for them using many new sounds and tricks and there’s a whistle…this was just as random as T.M.Revolution’s track “Salsa Bazaar”  Definitly a nice listen.



access’s newest single was much a more of a nod to their past songs though I can’t say it was as good as “Doubt & Trust” this was a bit of a step down and I enjoyed the B-side much more than the A-side.  Still, I love how Daisuke is reaching to new sounds with each release whether it’s with access or T.M.R.


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