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MilkyWay – Anataboshi September 19, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. Anataboshi
  2. Sansan GOGO
  3. Anataboshi (Instrumental)

1. Anataboshi

For as long as I’ve paid attention to H!P stuff.  This came as a strange track for me.  I mean it sounds almost Russian in sound because of the loud percussion and the bagpipes included.  It’s just comes as just a bit strange for me for some reason.  Koharu is amazingly cute in this song which is normal since she’s like that in Morning Musume the other two.  Sayaka and Yuu being from Hello Pro Egg they sound just as girlish and cute, if not more. 

2. Sansan GOGO

I actually found this song more enjoyable.  All 3 girls have solo lines and they sounds pretty strong for being H!P girls.  It’s got some twinges of rock and pop at the same time.  The chorus sounds a bit repetitive but it still sounds pretty good on the other hand.  I actually prefer this to “Anataboshi”. 



This debut track for this mix of HPE and MM was pretty good overall.  There’s still some kinks they need to work out but they sound pretty good altogether.  Anataboshi was a pretty unusual track being different from the norm while Sansan GOGO was the more obvious track.


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