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abingdon boys school – BLADE CHORD September 21, 2008

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Track Listing

  2. Desert Rose


Definitly a pretty epic way to start with sounds you’d hear when you see a samurai hence the cover.  Takanori is once again the driving force with the song and everyone playing as strong as powerful.  There’s a little rapping section that covers the bridge and that pumped me up.  Still carrying the fuel from the last album, it’s pretty good for an A-side!

2. Desert Rose

Am I supposed to remember this track?  I mean it’s alright but it just isn’t as mind-numbing as “BLADE CHORD”.  It’s basically in English and has some pretty depressing lyrics.  ~I’m a criminal~.  Sadly, Takanori and his vibrato disrupt the pronunciation of some words and got me lost.   Try to make sense next time



So the new era starts off with a bang as BLADE CHORD represented to power this band can take while the B-side shows off that the lyrics are pretty important as well.  As I’m reviewing this, I’m thinking where the hell did they go they haven’t released anything since except a live DVD which didn’t include an new material.  So I’m waiting for their return.


2 Responses to “abingdon boys school – BLADE CHORD”

  1. C.O.Z.industries Says:

    Don’t be so mean, he’s Japanese, but TRYING to do english
    i also agree that it’s hard to understand what he’s saying in Desert Rose but i reeeaaaalllly like it. The tune is great! What’s wrong with depressing lyics?

    Yeh, BLADE CHORD was just a catchy strong textbook a-side really. Nothing to complain about!

  2. YaoiRox666 Says:

    Another good single by them. 😀
    However, I love “Desert Rose” more. ♥♥♥

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