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AAA – BLOOD on FIRE October 31, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. BLOOD on FIRE
  2. BLOOD on FIRE (Instrumental)


Initial D….what’s that mean to me?  Well, it means blood-boiling adrenaline rushes and high-speed races.  The music should also be this dynamic and well-made.  Does AAA do this right?  OH HELL FRIGGIN YES!  AAA’s debut track is the driving force for the movie “Initial D” and it so did its job.  Like all of the other tracks used for the series (Looks at m.o.v.e’s discography)  This one in particular was definitly an easy fit.  Takahiro doing most of the vocals, Misako leading the gals, and Mitsuhiro doing the rapping it kind of works in a lot of sense.  Though I wished the other members had more time in the song mostly the other girls since Urata did sing a line or two in conjuction with Takahiro.  Their energy is phenominal almost and the chorus really proved to be the best area of the song as they say ~Your blood’s on fire!!!!~ Hot!



This couldn’t have been a better way to start off their career.  I still don’t think any of their other songs come close to the awesomeness that is this track.  Maybe if there was a B-side perhaps, but who cares this single wins IMO



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Yes, i swear this is the last intro of artists im doing.  So you’ve seen my addition of The Candy Spooky Theater which is a cool band so far but I’m adding these artists:

Mami Kawada

Yep, coming from the same company as artist MELL, I was pretty surprised by how good PSI-missing is and I already reviewed that….so I’ll just follow in this era.


A relatively new artist that’s catching on the scene of J-pop she actually is pretty good in English and Japanese and she’s already hopping up the charts with her debut.  I’ll start with her mini-album then lead into her true debut single.


As such there’s a good group from the avex label and this is one of them.  Used to be a 8 member but one left due to sickness issues and now we have 7.  I’ll start with the ATTACK era


The Candy Spooky Theater – Wonderland

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Track Listing

  1. Merry Go Round
  2. Spook House
  3. Ferris Wheel -Cinderella no Kimi to, Kanzen ni Kowareta Shimatta Ouji-Sama no Boku-

1. Merry Go Round

Definitly continuing using the haunting sounds, Merry Go Round sounds a little bit like a dance tune for some reason.  I mean there’s still guitar and some funky Halloween things going on.  We finally hear something in English as well because they say ~Sing a song, sha-la-la-la-laaa~  Yeah maybe a little too simple but the song has got some cool factors.

2. Spook House

Showing a harder sound.  This is definitly full fledged rock right here.  We finally get to hear Spooky Jack sing fully and it reminds me of a Japanese version of Marilyn Manson.  Which is probably a good thing because his voice sounds to try to be hardcore and yet keeps its cool.  Definitly a cool rock track.

3. Ferris Wheel -Cinderella no Kimi to, Kanzen ni Kowareta Shimatta Ouji-Sama no Boku-

The beginning is quite messy at first, but then it starts to get its momentum after a while and Spooky Jack sings in a more deeper tone this time and I found the song lacking the support it should have had.  Also, the song has an echoed quality to it which kind of annoys me.  Either way, I didn’t notice anything too Halloween-ish about it, which is a 1st.



Their 2nd single was fortunatly a lot better than their debut because they started to get comfortable with this Halloween setting they are all about.  The first two tracks were really good, but the last track kinda was plain to me for some odd reason.  Overall pretty good.


Perfume – Baby cruising Love/Macaroni

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Track Listing

  1. Baby cruising Love
  2. Macaroni
  3. Baby cruising Love (Instrumental)
  4. Macaroni (Instrumental)

1. Baby cruising Love

I still think the first line is grating to my hearing, but this is one of thir best tracks.  Not only does it have the Nakata touch, but it seems like the songs actually has some emotion within it.  Kashiyuka sounds so young and petit, it’s quite scary.  The other two girls sound like they normally do.  I still think it has a wintry disposition to it which is such a nice surprise. 

2. Macaroni

I’m not one to be shocked when it comes to J-tek, but Macaroni has done that.  It’s quite slower than “Baby cruising Love” and sounds natural for a J-tek song.  There’s just something that I wished they did in the chorus.  It’s whenever they take the pause, I keep thinking they say ~ma-ma-macoroni~ but they don’t…*sad face*.  Still it’s one of their original offerings from the group.



Baby cruising Love ends off the era in a pretty good note and it was nice to see both tracks had PV’s.  BcL shows off what we already know of them and pulled off a pretty good laidback J-tek track.  Macaroni though was the surprise of the single with it’s bouncing factor and simplistic view on J-tek.  Have to give credit to Nakata for putting music to these tracks. 



Aira Mitsuki – Robot Honey

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Track Listing

  1. Robot Honey
  2. Knee-high Girl
  3. Every night heartfull music song
  5. Robot Honey (Sound Around rmx)
  7. Robot Honey (digital mp-3 mastering mix)
  8. Knee-high Girl (digital mp-3 mastering mix)
  9. Every night heartfull music song (digital mp-3 mastering mix)
  10. SAZAE FUNKEDELiC (digital mp-3 mastering mix)

1. Robot Honey

 Wow, for being an A-side it’s definitly something new.  She hasn’t done a real girly track and to be honest it’s quite the catchy track.  I’m finding that she’s more airy than usual in her vocals, but it fits the song’s theme pretty well.  The frequent bleeps do seem to cover her sometimes but it isn’t too noteworthy.  I still think “CTSNO.9” is much better IMO

2. Knee-high Girl

I’m quite surprised this next track was released on iTunes by itself for sale.  Funny because I’m hearing the same croaky voice heard in “Swallowtail D.A.N.C.E” but oddly this song has a party-like atmosphere which is really good.  The downside of the song is that there’s not enough going on lyrically.  There’s like no verses, just the chorus and the croaky voice saying random things, but I do love the music for it.

3. Every night heartfull music song

As freaky that title is, the song is actually very ballady even for a J-tek song.  It’s slow and the lyrics are pretty smooth and slow.  I quite like this almost hypnotic sound and it’s probably the best track off the single.  Aira actually sounds really good under the vocoder and this song is great.


Then we get this song which sounds like it’d be perfect on C.O.P.Y as a single.  It’s got a pretty cool beat and some quick lyrics from Aira.  It sounds kind of ethnic in a way, I can’t exactly pinpoint but there’s something that makes it stands out.  The chorus flys by and it’s like an addiction.  Another hi-top track.

5. Robot Honey (Sound Around rmx)

What’s up with everyone wanting to have a summery remix for their A-Side?  I mean MEG and Ami Suzuki has done it as well.  I actually think it did a great job with this track.  Take some synths, boost vocal sound, add some piano and percussion and you get this.  I found it easier to understand Aira through this remix and the music is quite cool and reminds me of capsule’s music.


Then we have this remix.  I hated the introduction and her voice seems a little more vocodered and after she finished this chorus it gets pretty boppy (I guess that’s a word).  Like the song really sounds different to her other remixes.  Then there’s this part that reminds me of the ad-libbing of “China Discotica”.  This has to be the funniest remix I’ve heard in a while.



Not even gonna go through the mastering versions….Anyway, could this be Aira’s best single so far?  I actually think so, because all the songs+remixes were pretty good and showed a different side to Aira that we’ve haven’t seen before.  To actually hear a J-tek ballad fully was awesome.  The other 3 tracks are so danceable and great.  Definitly recommended


chatmonchy – Kaze Fukeba Koi

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Track Listing

  1. Kaze Fukeba Koi
  2. Suishin Ryoku
  3. three sheep

1. Kaze Fukeba Koi

I do find myself loving this track with it’s hard beat and rawness of the band.  I’m still not enjoying the vocalist much, but I guess shes does the song justice through the verses.  The chorus was also pretty cool, but still not enjoying the vocals too much.

2. Suishin Ryoku

A little more calmer for the first B-side, but it still has the raw sound of a band.  Sadly this song gets overkilled because of Eriko’s vocals.  The chorus really made me cringe as she tried to reach for those high notes at which she’s failing at profusely.  I guess this was the worst of the single.

3. three sheep

The slowest track shows up and is probably even worse than “Suishin Ryoku” I mean the verses are alright and with a pretty quiet sound except the drums.  It’s until she goes into the chorus where things start to go bad because Eriko is mostly in the high range and she’s very thin in sound and off pitch in the worst sense.  Ugh….



So chatmonchy’s 2nd offering in the era is definitly nothing to write home about.  Each song does get gradually slower and also worse in some respects.  So in honesty Kaze Fukeba Koi is a cool song to listen to, but they other two really makes me cringe in not such a good manner.


My J-pop 1sts! October 29, 2008

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So I’m going to share with you guys my 1st song with each of my artists

  • AAA – “BLOOD on FIRE” (Yeah, definitly crashed upon it on Youtube.)
  • abingdon boys school – “Nephilim” (Yea, I did come late with them, but this song did get me into them.)
  • access – “Doubt & Trust” (Would you be surprised?  C’mon D-Gray-Man!)
  • Ai Otsuka – “SMILY” (Yea, not the best song to start listening with, trust me…)
  • Aira Mitsuki – “Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9” (No surprise there.)
  • alan – “Ashita e no Sanka” (same thing here as well.)
  • Ami Suzuki – “drive me crazy” (Oddball track to have listened to first since it is a Sony album track right?)
  • Anna Tsuchiya – “cocoon” (I’m still crying over the fact of it’s album version)
  • Aural Vampire – “Darkwave Surfer” (Thanks to Selly of course.)
  • Aya Hirano – “Unnamed World” (I kind of wished it was on her debut album.)
  • Ayumi Hamasaki – “evolution” (Yea, it’s definitly everyone’s first song of hers in some fashion.)
  • BoA – “MOTO” (I started with hearing Korean BoA before moving to the Japanese one.  I still love the song to death.)
  • BONNIE PINK – “Pump it up!” (Definitly late starting with her and hearing all the praise from the guys, I had to hear this first.)
  • capsule – “Catch My Breath” (I don’t remember why it was but I did get their entire discography right at that timeframe, so I’m still unsure if this was my first full listened song.
  • chatmonchy – “Hira Hira Hiraku Himitsu no Tobira” (When I did the review that was actually my first listen to them.)
  • Crystal Kay – “Motherland” (Yeah, this was also caused by anime watching, this time Fullmetal Alchemist.)
  • day after tomorrow – “Itazura na KISS” (Inuyasha this time around.)
  • Dream – “NIGHT OF FIRE” (Actually, this was pretty coincedental because I first listened to HINOI Team’s version and read there was version and like Dream’s better.)
  • Eri Nobuchika – “SING A SONG” (I’ve actually had her album for quite some time before I featured her and read Lex’s review of the song and I wanted to hear it, turns out its my favorite from her.)
  • Gackt – “Vanilla” (Surprising right?  It was pretty early on and was the only Gackt song I had until REDEMPTION.)
  • GIRL NEXT DOOR – “Guuzen no Kakuritsu” (IS this not shocking….)
  • HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – “PRIDE” (GUNDAM, thank you very much!)
  • Hitomi Shimatani – “Perseus” (Still the best dance track she’s done.)
  • ICEMAN – “CYCLONE MUTANT” (There were other tracks I got the same time, but I think this was the exact first one.)
  • immi – “LOCAL TRAIN” (Yes, from the BEAUTIFUL TECHNO album. but it’s recently losing points with me for some reason.)
  • Kana – “Hebi-Ichigo” (Yep, definitly because of the PV for it.)
  • Kanon Wakeshima – “still doll” (Well, what else could I really put down?)
  • Kaya – “Walkure” (I did have the whole GLITTER album, but this was the first one that I listened to fully before the other tracks.)
  • Koda Kumi – “real Emotion (English Version) or “Chase” (reason for the two because I don’t really thing the English version counted and since Chase was also the first PV I’ve seen from her.)
  • Leah Dizon – “Vanilla” (another track titled Vanilla? How coincedental!)
  • m.o.v.e – “come together” (still everyone thinks it’s their best track and I highly agree.)
  • Mai Kuraki – “DANCING” (Strange that this was my first track while “DIAMOND WAVE” was just being released (single) wise.)
  • Maki Goto – “SOME BOYS! TOUCH!” (Ironic huh?)
  • Mami Kawada – “PSI-missing” (It isn’t too obvious right?)
  • MAXIMUM THE HORMONE – “What’s up, people?!” (Death Note caused this introduction)
  • MEG – “HEART” (Pretty recent discovery)
  • MELL – “Red fraction” (Still one of her best tracks so far in the era.)
  • MilkyWay – “Anataboshi” (Looks at Kanon’s comment)
  • melody. – “HOPE” (Had READY TO GO!  Buzzed through and it caught my attention.)
  • Mika Nakashima “Sakurairo Maukoro” (You can thank AOL for this one as well.  Still one of her bests IMO.)
  • misono – “VS” (Really? 3 in a row of debut tracks)
  • miyavi – “Jibun Kakumei -2003-” (My first track from him was never on an album, but it’s nice to hear the 2008 version at least.)
  • Momoi Haruko – “AKIHABALOVE” or “Lumica” (I’m not sure what to make AKIHABALOVE…I mean it’s originally Momoi’s but Perfume was also on it…If not then Lumica was my first listen with Momoi alone.)
  • Morning Musume – “LOVE Machine” or “Say Yeah! Motto Miracle Night” (This time I know I got both of the songs at the same time, but I have no clue which came first for me, but both are great tracks.)
  • Nami Tamaki – “Believe” (It wasn’t even from GUNDAM, thank Youtube for this one.)
  • Nana Kitade – “Kesenai Tsumi” (You guessed right again, the power of anime strikes again from Fullmetal Alchemist.)
  • Nana Mizuki – “Astrogation” (Not surprised, but I’ve had this track minus its B-sides for a while.)
  • Nichika – “Edelweiss” (First saw the PV before getting the album and wow did I love it.)
  • Perfume – “AKIHABALOVE” or “Electro World” (Same reason I put on Momoi’s for this track, but Electro World was my first Perfume-only track.)
  • Phantasmagoria – “Actuate Eden” (Blame Don for this one!)
  • Rina Aiuchi – “Run up” or “double hearted” (I swear I heard double hearted on AOL Radio before I listened to Run up but I’m not entirely certain.)
  • SAWA – “ManyColors” (Not the best song to start her with.)
  • Sound Horizon – “Meiou” (Well Don did introduce me into the awesomeness that is this song.
  • T.M.Revolution – “Albireo” (Another off the wall start for him, since then there’s been so many other T.M.R tracks that are better.)
  • The Candy Spooky Theater – “Devilish Kidnapper” (Albeit really new, I’m finding myself loving Halloween again._
  • Tommy February6 – “Can’t take my eyes off of you” (Yeah I know it’s a remake and all but it’s a good one.)
  • Tommy Heavenly6 – “Wait till I can dream” (I’m definitly not sure this was right but it is the first burned CD i made and this was the 1st one on TH6
  • Tsukiko Amano – “Devil Flamingo” (The 1st track doesn’t even count, but going through “A MOON CHILD IN THE SKY” This was the first lyrical tracks so it stays with me.)
  • Utada Hikaru – “Simple and Clean” (Another one of those are you really surprised that this was the track?)
  • Yousei Teikoku – “Weiß Flügel”  Interesting song to start with their latest single and stuff.)

Artists that I don’t cover

  • the brilliant green – “Ash Like Snow
  • Coltemonikha – “Namaiki
  • Dir en Grey – “Saku
  • FLOW – “GO!
  • Genki Rockets – “Heavenly Star
  • Hearts Grow – “Yura Yura
  • Ken Hirai – “Pop Star
  • L’ Arc~en~Ciel – “Ready Steady Go
  • LOVE PSYCHEDELICO – “Everybody Needs Somebody
  • Luna Sea – “STORM
  • Mai – “Reborn
  • Namie Amuro – “Top Secret
  • Orange Range – “~Asterisk~
  • The Pillows – “Ride on Shooting Star
  • PUFFY – “Aoi Ringo
  • Sambomaster – “Seishun Kyosoukyoku
  • Shoko Nakagawa – “Kirei A La Mode
  • Stephanie – “Winter Gold
  • Versailles – “After Cloudia
  • YUKI – “JOY

So here’s the big list of the songs that introduced me to these coloful bunch of artists and groups comment me on some of them if you can totally!