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HANGRY & ANGRY – Kill Me Kiss Me November 20, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. Kill Me Kiss Me
  2. Angelia
  4. Romantic ni Violence

1. Kill Me Kiss Me

Yep, you guessed title and promotional track.  We begin this mini with what I liked to call…(What the hell!) Let’s look at who we’re talking about Yossie and Rika previously in Morning Musume and ex-H!P decided to group up together and go totally goth on us.  Anyway to the song, it’s surprising that they put this out.  The song is very rock and interestingly there’s a evil to it that is so awesome.  Yossie makes this work with her more deeper voice and definitly devoid of the idol-like sound she used to have.  Rika on the other hand is still sounding very girly.  Put them together and you do get an interesting sound.  They even vocodered there voices at the end of the chorus which was strange.  Definitly one of the cooler tracks this year.

2. Angelia

Angelia is like “Kill Me Kiss Me” but more focused on the synths rather than the hard guitars.  Sadly, this does sound like what Morning Musume would do given the chance to darken their identities.  This really isn’t that bad and the darker synths give it life.  Rika though kind of ruins because of the idol voice of hers.  There’s a cool bell part that leads into an awesome guitar solo.  What does Angelia mean anyway?


Kind of a hectic piano start, but there’s even more synths found here than the last two tracks.  It also seems a bit upbeat after the underlying dark stuff.  I have to say both girls really sound great here.  Sadly, the chorus was a hot mess.  Like they are singing really fast and the slow down near the end of it.  The verses however are the memorable parts of the song. 

4. Romantic ni Violence

Starts off kinda mysterious, but then it becomes a more clappier “Kill Me Kiss Me” luckily, the bass really stands out the beginning and the girls get better here as well.  The best parts are the verses because of the drum/bass moments…So awesome.  The chorus also is very catchy as well.  Even the clapping seems fun and easy to hook easily.  Best song here right now.


Now this seems to be more along the lines of Morning Musume.  It does sound less aggressive as the previous tracks and is prolly the most upbeat track of the mini.  It’s another really good memorable track from them.  The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was why did it end with this track?  I would’ve put it after “GIZA GIZA” for more connections. 



I was totally surprised by this.  After seeing the PV for Kill Me Kiss Me I was doubting that the album was gonna be a flop, turns out this mini-album was really good even though it’s 5 songs.  All 5 songs that I really enjoyed and I’ve haven’t had that.  The great thing is that H!P isn’t even backing this up which is super awesome.  I hope this isn’t a one time thing because Rika and Yossie are an awesome duo…maybe Makoto Ogawa could join too.  LOVE HER!  *RECOMMENDED*


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