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MELL – KILL November 21, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. KILL
  2. On my own
  3. KILL -instrumental-
  4. On my own -instrumental-


KILL finally brings back the evil side of MELL for sure.  As it is still combining dark guitar riffs and synths, this song is like a Japanese “Red fraction”.  MELL also uses a more deeper sound to get through the verses.  The chorus doesn’t really change tempos and you have to get used to where it is in the song.  It is so much better than the last two A-sides for sure.

2. On my own

On my own is one strong B-Side that’s for sure.  It starts immediatly with MELL singing in a woman-like sound and then she brings out the deep vocals and how she transitions through it and gets louder is so bone-chilling.  Given the fact that the song is a ballad somewhat, I was definitly liking this song a lot.  This should’ve been the A-side IMO



MELL’s first single for the new era was definitly a step up than the last single.  KILL was definitly going to remind us that MELL loves evil songs and sound cool doing it.  On my own however won me over with great vocals and soothing music.  Very strong single for her


One Response to “MELL – KILL”

  1. Seirou Says:

    Heyya! First time commenting here. Haha. I’ve read your blog on-off also but I kinda stopped reading blogs totally ‘cuz exams came up and I had no time. They just ended so I’m slowly immersing myself back in the virtual world. =D

    Glad you like my reviews! =D Yours aren’t too shabby either. =D You’ve gotten me interested in this artiste. Any idea where I could get this single of hers? Seems interesting. =D Thanks!

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