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The Debuters December 7, 2008

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So let’s look at our list of who debuted this year!



Oddly our first group was actually the last to debut this year.  They are heavily citing Perfume as their influence to their music which is quite obvious because of the 3-nin idea.  It’s also pretty early to say what they’ll do



To be honest GND has been on avex’s mind all year long. Why? Well they are the 20th Annivarsary group which means AAA became the FU moment when they debuted.  Not only are they really popular because of “Guuzen no Kakuritsu”, but they released two more singles in a matter of two months and an album coming out on Christmas Eve.  I hope they slow down a little bit though and change their music style a bit.  Still one of the cooler bands to debut this year.



Even though they only released one thing, a mini-album of course, soon-to-be Ex-H!P members Yossie and Rika have found a replacement and what better way as to be Gothic Lolita chikas.  Now, I hope they stick around because the music has been great. 



JERO debuted this year and raised many eyebrows, by well, becoming the first African-American/Asian guy singing fluently in Japanese enka.  Now he’s added a twist to his music making it sound a lot more modern and is already quite the celeb.  Even though he released “Umiyuki” in February.  and did a cover album, he’s quite quiet this year.



Yuki Kajiura got it right starting up this all female group which does change from 3 members to 4, but it seems the 4th member isn’t too permanent.  They brought a pretty calm sound to nullify the other new acts of the year.  With two singles down and a 3rd coming in later this month they really are quite the underdogs.  Also to note that they were the first to debut off this list of artists with “oblivious” in January

Kanon Wakeshima


Kanon also debuted this summer and did she come out with a bang.  still doll was totally different from anything else that was released at the time.  What was bad about it?  The time stretch between her debut single and her 2nd single, Suna no Oshiro.  Luckily she’s putting out an album next year which is great to know.  Definitly an artist to watch.



MiChi debuted as an indies artist earlier in the yea but she fully debuted on the Japanese charts in October.  Even though all she has is a English-only mini-album and a somewhat Japanese single, she’s also getting pretty popular pretty fast.  She needs to announce a new single sooon though.



Considering all of what’s been happening at H!P HQ…There was an actual group that debuted this year.  Even though it’s for a show, MilkyWay is your typical cutesy threesome…oh that came out bad huh?  Anyway only having two released singles, I don’t see much of them going any further than one album.  Hopefully they beat my expectations.



portable should get an introduction to the site, so here it is.  They are an indies group, but being J-tek, you can’t really tell if they are indies or not since their music is pretty good.  Releasing their debut in October, portable is catching on to many people online, which is good.  I hoped to see more of them next year.



Are you gonna be surprised to know she has not released a single yet?  That’s because this year she’s only released two mini-albums “COLORS” and “TIME&SPACE”. She’s actually getting better since her first release which is amazing.

Shion Tsuji


Shion’s debut last month actually was a nice surprise and obviously with only one release under her wing with “Candy kicks” There’s mumblings going that she is a bit too much like “YUI” but why are you basing this after one single?  Anyway, I hope to see more of her in the future


That’s the list y’all there were gonna be exceptions, but no way, only for this year suckers!!!!!


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