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Kana – Ningen-teki Ningen December 19, 2008

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Track Listing

  1. Hadaka
  2. Honoo
  3. Uchuufuku
  4. Kigou
  5. Heart
  6. Doseikoku
  7. Tsuki no Kanmuri

1. Hadaka

Hadaka opens the mini-album is a pretty moody way.  Kana’s voice is very airy, but she sounds somewhat better than her last album already.  Well, that is until she starts singing to chorus where her voice gets squeaky and unfocused, but I do like how sad the song sounds though. 

2. Honoo

We finally get some rock stuff happening again.  This time Kana sounds like she’s being tortured, it’s even added more with her ear-piercing scream.  Which actually did hurt my ears.  The chorus though was just messy and didn’t exactly have a direction either, it was just all over the place.  Music was cool with some added strings which sounded cool, but you got to consider who’s singing it.

3. Uchuufuku

Entering our next song with pop/rock roots, Uchuufuku sounds a little more better and less like trash.  The chorus even makes sense, but it’s really short.  I do like the guitar moments and you hear strings again.  Sadly, the song isn’t exactly memory material.

4. Kigou

The rhythms opening Kigou up are dang pretty catchy.  The clicking and the guitar riffs sounds pretty cool and then Kana comes in.  It seems she’s singing two parts because they go back and forth between the two different parts.  Later on after what could be the chorus, the song is led into this dark synth part which was perfect timing.  This could be the best song right now.

5. Heart

Heart starts off with orgels playing the song’s melody, which is led into Kana and only the drums going on.  The drums are hitting like a heartbeat which was a nifty drive for the song.  I’m not noticing Kana’s terrible voice much, but then the bridge was terribly flat and even the chorus.  The chorus though was terrible because she kept holding these terrible notes.  So out of place.

6. Doseikoku

With the way Doseikoku opened I was expecting the Perfume girls to bust in with “Electro World”.  That thought was thrown out as the song gained some eerie ghost sounds and harp perhaps?  I actually think this song was her most complex of the album because the music gradually gets more hectic.  The way Kana was whispering and then these lyrical BKGD moments from actually worked this time.  Best song right here.

7.  Tsuki no Kanmuri

We had to finish this off terribly right?  The music is strange for some reason, but the main reason it failed was yep (her vocals).  It really hit a new low for her because her tone did not really fit the chords of the song and she was just horrible and ughhh. 



Kana’s 1st mini-album was a step up from the album for sure, but it still isn’t really worth getting.  I mean the only song to really get is Doseikoku, but all the other songs were pretty much her fault totally.  Luckily, this was the last thing released before going indies.



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  1. bocahbancar Says:

    Where can I download It//???

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