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Best-of 2008: PV’s January 2, 2009

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You know, PV’s is what really sells the artist’s music luckily i complied to not embed YouTube just for the sake of the blog to not uberly stall hard like me previous post.

Best PV

5. Ai Otsuka – 360°

It’s abstract love with Ai Otsuka here.  I mean Ai Otsuka it that piano classical outfit really struck as original and she looked pretty in it too.  The video also brought some small tidbits of a connection to the song hence the repitition and meaning of the song.  Especially the carousel stuff going on.  One of the more artisitc PVs this year.

4. Kanon Wakeshima – still doll

If the songs darkness, didn’t get to you before, the PV for Kanon’s debut track will definitly put it in you in a most uncomfortable way, but in a good way.  Kanon’s video pretty much deals with pervys and an old guy no less…Anyway this also showed Kanon doing her cello ordeal and it’s beautiful to watch her play it.

3. Anna Tsuchiya feat. AI – Crazy World

Maybe, it’s me but wow Anna and AI really outdid themselves in this dark and gritty song by making a dark and gritty video to go along with it.  I love how Anna sings the first verses in a kind zombie-like state.  It’s great to see that their collaboration looked so good as well, even by adding a lesbian moment in their as well. 

2. Aira Mitsuki – GALAXY BOY

There is nothing like seeing a futuristic video to a song that sounds like it.  Aira really outdid herself with this cookie.  Not many people realize this but she does take a few scenes from an old song “TECHNOPOLIS” by the Yellow Magic Orchestra and adds some nifty other things like laser shooting, car driving in space, colors that would make a gay guy proud, and the biggest shocker 2D Aira.  That was the jaw dropping moment.  Though I questioned the repetitiveness, it was still her best PV so far.

1. capsule – JUMPER

Was this really a big surprise?  capsule definitly won best PV easily this year and was it uberly awesome.  Right from the beginning you knew you were going to be on a ride when Toshiko sang and those famous sunglasses and her frozen look took over.  From there, we go into the song and we see Toshiko actually moving around and Nakata just pretty much poses like he’s the shit and well, he is.  I still love the multiple arms moment, that was WIN!  Hopefully they won’t take too long for the next one.

Notable Mentions

  • GIRL NEXT DOOR – Winter Game
  • Perfume – love the world
  • Ayumi Hamasaki – Marionette
  • Ami Suzuki – ONE
  • Koda Kumi – TABOO

Worst PV

5. Perfume – Dream Fighter

I know I’ll probably get bashed for this but seriously this is one of their worst PV’s.  I mean yeah we get the usual dance moves and glitz and glamour, but once you get past that the video is just a little lifeless.  I mean the whole dancing in you pepsi look just doesn’t help the orange clothes the ladies are wearing and it’s definitly not “love the world” and “Secret Secret”.  Ouch…

4. immi – Klaxon

Yeah, this was just a confusing PV all-around.  Like right at the start she looks like she was kidnapped, but then this video takes a route that just seems creepy and low budget.  I mean we see her singing while blindfolded and showing her cuffs and then at the end someone takes it off and she looks like she’s about to perform…WTF!

3. GIRL NEXT DOOR – Drive away

Uhm, I’m sorry but this PV fails on so many levels.  I don’t want “High School Musical” in my PV’s at all so right there was the first mistake with Drive away’s vid.  Second is that CHISA is trying to look like a damn schoolgirl…like Britney *cough* and fails at that as well. Third is that there’s American people fluorishing this PV, I mean it’s not bad, but it’s so damn cheesy as well.  The only reason this vid isn’t NO.1 is that Drive away is a great track.

2. T.M.Revolution – resonance

So after a long hiatus, Takanori switched from a.b.s back to his quasi-solo work and left us this otherwise lameass PV.  resonance had potential to be an awesome PV, but what we were left with was this reiteration of almost every PV he’s done before resonance.  I think he used all the single PV’s but not the album promotional ones like “Meteor” and “Albireo”.  So the whole vid was like going to every single technologic item and showing these random clips of the PV’s.  Not really what you call original or even worth watching.

1. Ayumi Hamasaki – GREEN

Yeesh, Ayu tried to go Chinese with one of the A-sides to end the year off and was I totally hating this video.  I did like the Chinese stuff they showed but all the wrong present in “Mirrorcle World” was present here as well.  The storyline was wacky and this time Ayu tries lesbianism but fails hugely to the fact that “TABOO” was much better and lot more cooler.  Ayu just needs better PV’s….this year hasn’t been good to her video work (and she usually has good videos)

Notable Mentions

  • Ai Otsuka – Rocket Sneaker
  • misono – Kazoku no Hi
  • HANGRY & ANGRY – Kill Me Kiss Me
  • Ami Suzuki – can’t stop the DISCO
  • Nana Kitade – PUNK&BABY’s

2 Responses to “Best-of 2008: PV’s”

  1. Selryam Says:

    Maybe the Klaxon video relates to how the title refers to an alarm.

    Winter Game should’ve totally gotten on the best list, though.

  2. solarblade Says:

    Actually, Klaxon’s PV doesn’t even relate to an alarm….go watch it. Winter Game is like my number 6

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