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Nichika – Aijou January 2, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Aijou
  2. A Happy New Day

1. Aijou

When I first turned on the song, it really brought back some memories from “Edelweiss” because of the muffled opening of the track.  Issui already is showing a lot of emotion through it and her voice just seems right with the song.  Not at one point was I getting bored, well maybe a little during the instrumental, but Issui knows how to keep interest in a song. 

2. A Happy New Day

Wait, this is actually 7 minutes long?  That’s like the same time with “JUMPER”!!!  There’s a nice simplistic sound with this track and hearing Issui doing the English bit was definitly quite something new.  Nichika made this sound like something you’ hear mainstream in the States and ended becoming a nice track to listen to before sleeping.  It has a soothing quality to it.  The guitar solo was a little freaky though…but it wasn’t too long.  What a great B-side as well.  I noticed though that Nichika sounds like a female led Coldplay….maybe it’s me…



If you thought waiting for “JAPANESE CHAOS” to be leaked was hard to deal with, Nichika’s single release was just as hard if not more.  If it wasn’t for Noah at stylejapan, I think efanz and I would have died of waiting.  Now all I’m waiting is on Momoi’s best-of album….DAMNIT SOMEONE RELEASE IT!!!  Anyway, Aijou definitly a great followup after their debut album release.  Both tracks were great and definitly worth the wait. 


4 Responses to “Nichika – Aijou”

  1. noahfurlani Says:

    so I’m not alone thinking that Nichika sounds a lot like Coldplay
    ur welcome 🙂

  2. Melody Says:

    Where did you find the Aijou single?

  3. solarblade Says:

    Noah bought the physical copy and uploaded it for me and a few others

  4. nichikalove Says:

    do you think you could upload the single here? I’m absolutely in LOVE with this song! =)

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