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This week is too crazy! January 11, 2009

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I bet you all are thinknig the same thing right?

Yeah, this week has had so many news related to my artists, I just had to talk about it.

Let us begin….

Well Kalafina announced a single and an album release…on the same day… Really?  Lacrimosa prolly won’t get too high on the oricon charts, but I know their debut album, Seventh Heaven will definitly will.  Shockingly, their best track “serenato” will not be on the album, but every other previous track will.  WTF

Mika Nakashima also released info on a concept album of sorts with “NO MORE RULES” pretty much every song she’s done for the KATE CM’s.  Also including a new track, “Game”

AAA has been crazy with their upcoming single, Tabidachi no Uta which comes out next week.  But also their 5 studio album is on the horizon, “depArture” and wow, it got the forums crazy with a possible breakup.  What also was announced was another remix album so iono, it’s busy for em.

Kuu-chan even announced a triple A-side practically right after the release of “Trick”.  No title has been released yet, but wow she’s speeding her career again.

As for the PV’s like 5 big PV’s came out this week,

Aira Mitsuki – Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS

Aira really made me love this song tons.  It has like some randomness like “China Discotica’s” PV, but more refined and possibly a little serious.  Like Selly said though, it’s like watching all of her previous PV’s into one.  I think I can see what “GALAXY BOY”s moment is and it’s pretty much the repetition like one of those deja vu moments.  Oh yea, I remember seeing a comment that says it reminds them of Justice’s D.A.N.C.E, it’s true….so can see major similarities.

Gackt – GHOST

Nothing like advertising in a PV right?  Well Gackt’s newest PV has him exactly doing that with the Japanese release of the Sarah Conner Chronicles.  Still, I love this song to death even though the rhythm totally threw me off since the preview.  Also to note, Gackt is actually dancing and he’s actually pretty good, since we rarely see him actually have choreography.  Only other time I’ve seen him do moves was “Dybbuk” from the Diabolos tour.

Naoya Urata feat. SPHERE – Baby Bang!

Yeah, it’s great to see how Urata previously a back-up dancer to Ayu’s “Greatful Days” and Ami’s “Eventful” then to being the leader of AAA and now getting his solo debut, it’s amazing what this guy can do.  Baby Bang!’s PV is definitly the interesting one for sure.  He’s dancing hardcore here and I think I just popped a woody watching this guy again…He just oozes sex for some reason.  SPHERE though is just weird in the PV and looks stereotypically asian….especially them stretched eyes….weird xD.

alan – Gunjou no Tani

Wow, what an amazing PV.  I love the scenery and alan is just beautiful singing with the song and showing off the mountains and lakes of the PV…Nature surely has taken over and I love it.  Bout the song….reminds me of Coldplay’s “Clocks” doesn’t it just a little?

Koda Kumi – show girl

I’m prolly not the only one who thinks this is one silly PV, but we haven’t seen a real fun side for a while and this was a nice change of pace.  Kuu is just having so much fun and at some points in the video, it makes me laugh me ass off