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Shion Tsuji – Candy kicks January 19, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Candy kicks
  2. 17
  3. Take me home
  4. Candy kicks (Instrumental)

1. Candy kicks

Iono, but the acoustic pop sound really stood out for me.  It’s got such a happy fun vibe to go along with it.  Now this is Shion’s first A-side and to be honest her voice kind of annoys me for some reason.  Like she’s honky and kind of weird to me.   She’s way better singing in a lower tone IMO and her English is pretty good otherwise.  The chorus is like just ~baby, baby, babyyyy~ I mean maybe she could’ve added more to it, but this is an alright start.

2. 17

I think she did a lot better singing with this track actually.  It sounds pretty cool and this would be where to YUI comparison’s start with her.  I got to say this song is crazy good, but her high notes are thin and not in a good way.  The chorus too is pushing her limits to the brink of just not sounding right.  Luckily, the rest of the song is amazing.

3. Take me home

We finish the single off with an acoustic ballad.  We also hear the sore sound of Shion’s vocals sadly.  She sometimes misses notes that she’s trying to pull off, and her English is failing badly here as well.  She could’ve tried a little harder to make this a better track, but I do love the atmosphere of the song.  Pretty cool.



Shion Tsuji’s debut was pretty interesting.  We got a poppy track, a more harder track, and an acoustic ballad.  She’s got some potential to actually be pretty big.  As for the YUI comparison’s, yes I can see them, but there’s a lot more differences than similarities.  I can’t wait for the next single


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