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day after tomorrow – Hotarubi/Show Time January 26, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Hotarubi
  2. Show Time
  3. Hotarubi (instrumental)
  4. Show Time (instrumental)

1. Hotarubi

I think what made this song stand out was the long string opening.  The song is the usual fare of dat, which is synths and guitar riffs controlling the song.  The song can be considered a ballad since it’s slow moving and even though the song is pretty forgettable, it made a pretty good A-side.

2. Show Time

~1 2 3 got a hajimaru boyfriend…”  It’s definitly a playful track representing the other A-side.  Even though the song sort of parallels “Itazura na Kiss” the lyrics are pretty funny especially in and around the chorus where the rhythms of misono show and it’s really good.  There’s still better tracks that they’ve put out that’s this upbeat.



dat finally finished this era off with what could be the meh one.  It’s not bad, but at the same time it wasn’t really anything new that we heard previous this.  Hotarubi was the rock ballad and Show Time was the more upbeat coupling.  Useless single though as both tracks are on their album.


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