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Ai Otsuka – Bye Bye January 29, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Bye Bye
  2. Bye Bye (Instrumental)

1. Bye Bye

I’m still pretty unsure if I really enjoy Bye Bye that much.  It seems better when it was on “LOVE LETTER” and the whole acoustic pop/rock sound generates memories of past works that are similar to this.  Her vocals are all right, but they aren’t as good as her other tracks.  It’s alright at best.



Let me explain why I’m reviewing this super early.  February 25th is a very busy day for me as I have a lot of things to review.  Bye Bye being a recut single with no new tracks pretty much let me review it without the need to wait for it and is one single I can do early.  Now, I think Ai could’ve used a better track to have been recut, but this’ll be OK since it does finish the era off.