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LEO Imai – TAXI January 30, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. TAXI


LEO definitly has something going for him in the vocal areas.  It’s one you have to get used to but for me it’s quite interesting and cool.  The song is definitly upbeat pop/rock and there’s some sort of synths mixed in as well.  LEO hits some deep notes which sounds like he should be in a V-kei band xD.  It’s definitly one to listen.


Guessing from the title, I thought this would’ve been a ballad, but there’s a consistant clapping beat and LEO sings a little bit in English which he’s also excelling in.  It’s definitly got a relaxing tone and this was just as good as “TAXI” if not more,  Surprisingly.



I have to say this, LEO Imai is just like MiChi only male.  First they are of European descent as much as being Japanese.  The other comparison is that they both started with indies release before coming onto a Major label.  TAXI is actually the 3rd major single released and shows off his talents well.  Got to hear this single *RECOMMENDED*


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