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Mami Kawada – masterpiece February 2, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. masterpiece
  2. jellyfish
  3. masterpiece -instrumental-
  4. jellyfish -instrumental-

1. masterpiece

I actually already think, this is way better than last A-side “PSI-missing” with it’s more aggressive dance sound.  You hear Mami’s good vocals accompanied with some futuristic backdrops and add in a guitar riff and you have masterpiece.  My favorite part is the when she sings in the chorus and there’s a seperate part singing simultaneously.  Wow!  So much better.

2. jellyfish

jellyfish has a MELL like atmospher (duh, they belong in the same company).  It honestly sounds like something she would do as it’s more electronica than “masterpiece”.  The sad part is that the song isn’t too focused on the lyrics and even then they seem too drawn out for my liking.  The music is pretty cool and dark though.



This was a way better single than “PSI-missing altogether IMO.  masterpiece returns her back into her techno dance style which is amazing and the added stuff is just that good.  jellyfish though is more for its music than lyrical content was ok, but sounded better than “Ame”  good song!