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MICA 3 CHU – I DON’T KNOW February 5, 2009

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Track Listing

  2. SHUT UP
  3. I DON’T KNOW (Instrumental)
  4. SHUT UP (Instrumental)


To think we were going to have a pop song was just wrong.  Collaborating with comedic group Morisanchuu, Mika returns to the rock side with I DON’T KNOW which is in all English which doesn’t surprise me.  It’s kind of hard to understand her English sometimes, but it’s understandable.  It’s funny how she just proclaims that she just doesn’t damn know.  At least she’s brutally honest right?  Even Morisanchuu even has some golden parts, mostly in the yelling areas and at the end xD


SHUT UP, also sung in English is just such a funny track to listen to everytime I turn it on.  Just like the last track, it’s brutally honest in the lyrics and weird that she’s just saying ~F off~ and not complete it.  How she does say ~SHUT UP!~ is a little discouraging, but this song is just very lulzy.  Even Morisanchuu’s part at the was even better as the ending.



I think this was comedic gold for me.  Both tracks both had some pissy feelings pointed across and was made just so obvious.  Even though I think many will agree that this single was the worst of the era, you can but admit the songs are memorable and just xD. 


Nana Kitade (Ruby Gloom) – Siren

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Track Listing

  1. Siren
  2. My treasure
  3. Siren ~Instrumental~
  4. My treasure ~Instrumental~

1. Siren

You can say this was a collaboration…with Marty Friedman from Megadeth.  By that you should obviously correspond this with rock because that’s what Siren is.  Initially, I did find it hard to listen because Nana was yelling all over the song and that bothered me.  Luckily the guitar solo and everything else Nana was doing besides the chorus, this was alright. 

2. My treasure

I’m not sure why, but this was way better than Siren, because it wasn’t just wild rock.  It was controlled and actually had some depth to it.  Nana’s vocals are also a bit softer than normal which is also a plus.  Is she returning to her early days?  I just thought this was great!



Nana Kitade went under the moniker, Ruby Gloom which is a Canadian anime…..ok…..Anyway, Siren was an OK song, but at least it was better than next single “PUNK&BABYs” so right there should tell you something.  My treasure was the treasure of the single as it just seems loud and just together.  Funny to note is that Siren is NOT on “Bondage” which is mildly surprising because “Antoinette Blue” is….hmmm weird.


Koda Kumi – LOVE & HONEY

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Track Listing

  1. Cutie Honey
  2. The Theme of Sister Jill (CD&DVD Only)
  3. The Theme of Sister Jill ~LOVE & HONEY version~ (CD Only)
  4. Yogiri no Honey
  5. Into your heart
  6. Cutie Honey (Instrumental)
  7. Into your heart (Instrumental)

1. Cutie Honey

Who hasn’t heard this track?  I mean Kuu has really caught sexy with this theme track from the movie of the same name.  Now, people who has heard the original will obviously find this one more sexually sounding because if you’ve read the lyrics this song is a little dirty.  Also for being somewhat as a re-cut (was on “feel my mind” as a bonus), this might be the downfall for it.  Still, it’s an amazing track and made the biggest difference to start out the “secret” era.

2a. The Theme of Sister Jill

Also was used in the movie, Cutie Honey.  The Theme of Sister Jill is a moving slow track.  Problem is, is that it’s a short tune, not even making a minute and a half.  Kuu sounds heavenly in the song (no pun intended) and with some BKGD vocals it really does stand out.  I really love the music accompainment as well, but I think the song is entirely in English and you know how Kuu does English……

2b. The Theme of Sister Jill ~LOVE & HONEY version~

However, if you get the CD only version, you’ll notice the song is about normal time of musical tracks and not a shortened version.  It’s just like the short version, but luckily she adds more to the song which is a great idea.  You’ll still notice where the original ends, but when the song comes back she’s sings in her native tongue and the song take a more R&B sound than a gospel sound.  This is what the song should’ve been the whole time.

3. Yogiri no Honey

I have to say, The sensual R&B sound Yogiri no Honey possesses really sounds refreshing on the single.  Problem is that, I didn’t exactly like the repetitious ~Sweet, sweet honey~ parts.  Kuu once again shows more progress as she continues to wow us with her sultry vocals.  I’m also noticing the so far, all the tracks have featured strings in some way, this time with the bass being the most prominent.  Still it’s an amazing song from her.

4. Into your heart

Into your heart has the most dance-like attributes of the single and is also the best track off the single.  I felt her vocals were very powerful here and just resonated throughout.  At first, when the song started it was sounded a little cheesy, but this took the cake once she started going.  Sweet Song!!



LOVE & HONEY begins the quad singles that keep popping up in Kuu’s discography.  Luckily, all of the songs were nothing of greatness.  Even though Cutie Honey was well-known before this single, it made a great track.  Theme of Sister Jill was more or less a glorified interlude, but sweet nonetheless.  At least there’s the LOVE & HONEY version to make it a complete song.  Yogiri no Honey is a nice and smooth R&B track and was surprised it didn’t sound as bland as her past tracks.  Last, but not least, Into your heart was wow!  I mean finally we get a great pop track in the veins of “real Emotion”.  Great start to the era if you ask me.