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LEO Imai – Synchronize February 7, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Synchronize
  2. School On That Hill
  3. Synchronize (Synchronized Playing)

1. Synchronize

LEO Imai does the strange by going into Synchronize heavily auto-tuned with an ethereal background to start out.  His English definitly is easily recognizable from the Japanese lyrics he throws out.  After the smooth opening, LEO begins the verses with spunk and with a funky bass sound, it’s darn cool.  I noticed his voice seems a little more stable than it was in “TAXI” and wasn’t low either.  I have to say with how little I’ve heard from him, this song is really catchy. 

2. School On The Hill

Just like “Synchronize”, School On The Hill is definitly off the wall for LEO and quite interesting because the song has a more effective dance beat added along.  I thought the most fun part is that you hear that famous Japanese school bell ring….you know, that 8-note line always heard in Anime’s that’s based around school.  Even though the song is very danceable, I could have seen this being on “FIX NEON” more than anything.

3. Synchronize (Synchronized Playing)

Or I like to call it, the acappella sounding version.  It’s absent of the auto-tune and synths and replaced by backup vocals from none other than Rie fu.  I did find myself wanting the original more because just without it sounds incomplete and kind of bare at points, but still is the A-side otherwise.  Also what’s nice is that the song is resung and LEO’s bare vocals are a bit more powerful which is great.  I don’t know but given the fact that the main purpose of the single, this was a good alternate.

?. ??????

Your probably wondering why I did this, well there’s instructions that point out that if you have both versions of Synchronize, you have to play them at the same time to get a different experience of the song’s completion.  Now I haven’t done this since no one has uploaded the single yet (damnit, some better do it soon or I will scream!).  Knowing from the preview of the SP version mixing with the original sounds quite daunting…Since it’s not a numbered track and doesn’t have an official name, I can’t place it or anything.



LEO Imai, this was the reason I really added ya.  I loved the fresh and funky sound you brought with Synchronize and took a well-known school melody and added dance beats was clever, I say this single did me in and I love it.  Even having more things to do like putting 1 & 1 together was a smart idea and I wonder why many artists have never done this yet.  I just wish someone can upload this!!!!!!!!!!!!


Namie Amuro – White Light/Violet Sauce

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Track Listing

  1. White Light
  2. Violet Sauce
  3. Violet Sauce (Anotha Recipe)
  4. White Light (Instrumental)
  5. Violet Sauce (Instrumental)

1. White Light

Are you surprised to even see a Christmas song appear as the start of the “PLAY” era?  Not really a smart move as seen in Kuri’s “Shining”, White Light is pretty nice and has a smooth beat.  It’s funny that she sang to the melody to “Jingle Bells” for a line, so random but obvious too.  I have heard better Christmas tracks though so hm….

2. Violet Sauce

I like the orgel opening and then this pretty rad guitar comes in and makes this into a hot J-urban track.  Namie has such an interesting voice that shows through and I actually think it makes her sexy.  I just find it hilarious that the chorus includes the title…Not as sexually deviated like “WANT ME, WANT ME” but has a pretty cool mysterious feel.  Nice.

3. Violet Sauce (Anotha Recipe)

If it wasn’t enough we get a remix of Violet Sauce which sounds even more sexual.  Namie is pseudo-singing/whispering the verses to a more Arabian feel.  I have to say this was definitly more interesting and sent chills down my spine which isn’t normal to a Namie song.  At least we actually hear from the producer Nao’ymt this time around.  Such hotness.



I was a little surprised at the fact that the main A-side was a holiday track, but I found it charming and cute to listen to, but won’t be a mainstay forever.  Violet Sauce and the remix were just steaming hot.  Namie’s vocals always seem to fit these kind of teasing, sexy songs well and I praise her for it. 


I just had an itch for a ARTISTS BLOWOUT!!!

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Ok, so my rule is if I’m adding one artist I need to add another just to even my feelings out.



Even though she definitly does not look like this anymore (new hairstyle and look).  She really is starting to surprise me as an artist.  I’ll start with her upcoming single “MATERIAL WORLD”.

Namie Amuro


Yea, everyone’s like WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG BB!  I swear, that single 60s70s80s was everywhere, but since that’s died down I can finally get my word in, but not before going through the “PLAY” era.