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Ayumi Hamasaki – Nothing from Nothing February 19, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Nothing from Nothing
  2. Paper Doll
  3. Nothing from Nothing (Original Karaoke)

1. Nothing from Nothing

What did she say at the beginning?  ~Bicycle?~  Anyways, this is definitly not the Ayu I’m used to at all.  It’s very urban and hip-hop and her voice is so damn chipmuky here.  It’s strange to hear her actually rap in the song too.  It’s just definitly a weak start, but when she gets to slow down and sing in the verses, she sounds alright actually.  Reminds me of what she sounds like today minus the obvious.  DOHZI-T raps along with Ayu and even though Ayu sounds terrible, he makes it alright.  It’s way long though….a little over 6 minutes actually.  If she had did this for her 10th annivarsary, that’d be awesome.

2. Paper Doll

Paper Doll is actually quite nice in terms of arrangement as it is more of an R&B ballad than.  The problem here is once again, Ayu’s poor vocal ability in rapping.  I just can’t wrap the though that she did some rapping….it’s not of the rocker Ayu we have today right?  I do like how dreamy it is despite the lack of vocal talent.



The only single under Columbia, it was an interesting debut nonetheless.  Today, no one would think she’d actually do some rapping back in the days.  Honestly this urban style was better fitted for Mai-K, Hikki, or even Namie.  Ayu just didn’t find her niche here and even though, she doesn’t acknowledge their existance, this is a good reminder of her roots to where she is now. 


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