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Nichika – River’s Edge February 20, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. River’s Edge
  2. Nowhere Cowboy
  3. River’s Edge (Instrumental)

1. River’s Edge

I can only account for the fact that this track just sounds heavenly and dreamy as well.  Issui’s voice reminds me alot of their past tracks, but given the fact that it’s given such a calm arrangement makes this just so much more memorable than “Aijou”.  Then again the ballad theme is getting old and they should mix things up for the next single.

2. Nowhere Cowboy

Then again, I could be freaked out by their B-side.  The guitar opening reminds me of Shion Tsuji’s “Candy kicks” which is pretty cool and the mouth clicking and tapping  just sounds so nice and original.  Issui is heard using some English and she sounds alright, but isn’t at Hikki’s level of expertice.  This definitly should’ve been the A-side in my opinion.   So real and just that good.



So with the 2nd single of this era, I thought this was a much better single then “Aijou”.  Even though they are pushing their luck by releasing ballad tracks one after another.  They need to release an upbeat track like…oh I don’t know, maybe like Nowhere Cowboy perhaps?