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abingdon boys school – STRENGTH. February 25, 2009

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Track Listing

  2. Freedom


It’s finally becoming true fact that anything abingdon boys school rips out is gold and STRENGTH. is definitly representing that theory very well.  STRENGTH. has that dark feeling that their first two single A-sides had and included piano which made it more epic.  Takanori as usual has continued to surprise me in this group because of how his voice fits in the rock mode.  Amazing.

2. Freedom

I’m surprised “JAP” didn’t take its place on the single, so we got a new track instead.  Just like previous B-sides, Freedom is sung entirely in English, but I’m having a harder time understanding his accent because of how fast and up and down Takanori is going through the notes.  Luckily, this beats out “Desert Rose” by a long shot.



I knew why they took a small hiatus after “BLADE CHORD” and that was primarily because Takanori wanted to release a single under the T.M.Revolution moniker and the wait for this single was very unbearable.  They didn’t disappoint with this release for sure.  It’s up there next to “Nephilim” right now.


2 Responses to “abingdon boys school – STRENGTH.”

  1. C.O.Z.industries Says:

    actually, i prefer Desert Rose to Freedom by a long shot.
    And i also had a hard time understanding the lyrics most of the time.

    STRENGTH. Is lovely and dark and nice, it suited where SOUL EATER was going at that moment, and Takanori’s voice fits into rock so well with his vibrato

    • YaoiRox666 Says:

      I agree. I love “Desert Rose”.
      This single was okay. I didn’t think it was their best ever, but it’s not as if I hate it. I’d grade it at least a “B-“.

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