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Sowelu – MATERIAL WORLD February 25, 2009

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Track Listing

  2. Time After Time
  4. MATERIAL WORLD -instrumental-


I cannot stress how much this song rawks!  Not only is it a step out of her zone, it’s a Taku produced single which automatically makes it well worth the listen.  Anyways the single version is a bit longer than the one found on the PV, practically almost 2 minutes longer and thank god.  The extra verse and chorus just made it so much better, but the transition to the slow piano part is worse here in my opinion because it just happens.  It’s hard to believe she did have to go to Taku to get such a powerful and rockin’ track.

2. Time After Time

It’s surprising, because Cyndi Lauper has some really good songs and Time After Time is one of her biggest songs in her career and having Sowelu cover it is a big thing.  Unlike the original which was a heartfelt ballad song, Sowelu’s is a more dance-friendly version.  I do think Cyndi’s version is still better because it was an emotional song and Sowelu’s lack of emotional connection does hinder it a bit, but it’s alright.


Anyways the remix of MATERIAL WORLD is more hardcore as a rock song.  It switches the importance between synths and rock band stuff and honestly this is definitly something I wouldn’t imagine encountering in her discography.  It does sound complete and cool, but it doesn’t come close to touching the original.



I think this is definitly a single that could make her stand out.  MATERIAL WORLD is just trance heaven and makes me happy.  The edit was a cool change of sounds and even though it’s not perfect it makes a good counterpart.  Time After Time was known beforehand and actually did fit on the single, who knew?  Still I’m shocked at this.


One Response to “Sowelu – MATERIAL WORLD”

  1. bucebucethecaboose Says:

    Holy shiz! What a gorgeous cover D:

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