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misono – Kyuukon/? cm February 26, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Kyuukon ~Yaruki・Genki・Sonoki no Nekko~
  2. ? cm
  3. Kyuukon ~Yaruki・Genki・Sonoki no Nekko~ (Instrumental)
  4. ? cm (Instrumental)

1. Kyuukon ~Yaruki・Genki・Sonoki no Nekko~

I’m actually quite excited that misono brings out her guns for this A-side.  It’s one of those tracks that you just wanna rock along with.  I really love the fact that the chorus is quite catchy and misono’s energy is beyond awesome here.  It isn’t as powerful as let’s say “Zasetsu Chiten”, but it’s got a cool charm.

2. ? cm

? cm at first listen was a surprise for me because I expected it to be a slower track, but it actually reminds me of “Ninin Sankyaku” but once again isn’t super powerful.  It’s quite funny hearing the synth usage in the chorus as well.  misono gave a better performance in this track rather than “Kyuukon” so I’m quite happy bout this track.  I swear during the chorus it’s like she’s saying ~Fuckin~ instead of ~Rockin’…it’s bad I know…



I’ll say it right now. this beats the last single altogether.  Kyuukon is a fun rock track that you can dance along with while ? cm was the more cooler track and brought out the needed sounds I wanted misono to use since the last album.


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