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MELL – RIDEBACK March 1, 2009

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Track Listing

  2. RIDEBACK -Japanese ver.-
  3. RIDEBACK -Re-mix ver.-
  4. RIDEBACK -instrumental-


I think MELL finally got it right this time around.  Definitly one of her most tranceish songs (not including the various I’ve Sound releases).  It’s kind of funny that the RIDEBACK’s chorus is very lively and not dark.  Her English is a bit difficult to understand here…more harder than “Red fraction”.  Maybe it isn’t that fantastic, but it’s got some golden moments. 

2. RIDEBACK -Japenese ver.-

So it’s basically the same track, but with a language twist of all things.  I’m actually considering to take this one rather than the English cut.  It doesn’t seem more convoluted and hard to point what she’s saying, but there’s moments still of uncertainty.  Other than that, nothing new to really report.

3. RIDEBACK -Re-mix ver.-

I honestly don’t think RIDEBACK needed a remix version because it just seems like a lost cause on the single.  There’s a lot more synths present and MELL’s vocals are messed with a bit, giving an echo effect like her remix of “repeat” on her debut album.  It’s a pretty wacky remix, but it’s pretty cool.



MELL is doing a lot better on these singles than through her first era.  RIDEBACK seems to be one of those WTF because the song isn’t dark and in your face as much as “KILL” was.  It’s nice to see an English/Japanese version of each which gives the listener a good preference.  The remix was a little useless, but was a nice treat.


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