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dream – Get Over March 5, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Get Over
  2. Get Over -Kieth Litman’s Klub Mix-
  3. Get Over -2the future remix-
  4. Get Over -Razors 2MG Mix-
  5. Get Over -Instrumental-

1. Get Over

We return to their eurobeat sounds with Get Over and it’s not that bad of a song.  We have our usual fare of synths and ethereal stuff going on and it’s pretty chill especially after their grim mistake with “Dear…”.  I’m kind of hearing a lot of yelling from all three members, especially in the chorus.  I guess they were just making a point.  It’s one of the better tracks they’ve had.



dream definitly scored some point with this single.  Even though I’ve never heard the remixes, I wanna say that they probably make the song a lot worse.  Get Over was a pretty good eurobeat track so I guess it’s a step up after the last few singles.


T.M.Revolution – BLACK OR WHITE? version3

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Track Listing

  1. BLACK OR WHITE? version3
  2. BLACK OR WHITE? version3 Split~Attention L or R ch!
  3. BLACK OR WHITE? version3 DA extend
  4. BLACK OR WHITE? version3 neo classic
  5. BLACK OR WHITE? version3 instrumental

1. BLACK OR WHITE? version3

T.M.Revolution returns to begin the “Progress” era with a reiteration of well a pseudo debut track.  It’s credited as Daisuke’s track, but it was on their debut album.  The first thing I noticed is the vocals changed to fit how he sounded at the time of this release because back then his voice was way deeper in the tune.  The music is the second thing to be noticed because it’s a little faster and isn’t an awkward track, but this sounds way dated especially after “the force’s” release. 



Let me explain this.  After the release of “the force” Takanori announced the “end” of T.M.Revolution but what came out of the announcement was an evolution to the name called, “The end of Genesis T.M.Revolution Turbo Type D” or T.M.R-e for short….That’s the longest name to give to a group…They did release 3 singles, “Kagerou”, “Gekkou”, and “Setsugen -winter dust-” before the album, Suite Season which I will review (but not the singles).  They were a little different because Daisuke was now in the videos, but things were starting to get shaky and Takanori reverted back to the original name and released this single.  It’s not bad, but does seem like he’s taking a step back rather than a foot forward with this release.


ARTISTS BLOWOUT: The nobody’s but I want them to be somebodys ^_^

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Yeah, So this time my new entries, and I’m pretty sure is the last for a while are probably artists you all haven’t heard of yet.  I wanna bring more underground artists to the foreground and make them known to other people!!!

Hidemi Uematsu


Yep, you’ve seen me review her earlier in the week with her 2nd single “Jidai”.  So I’ll definitly review “Dear Friends/Trauma” sometime in the near future because I do have the single so yes!!!



Oh, hai!  So we begin this time with a new artists actually being produced somewhat by Nakata.  Looks like his break is bout over since Perfume’s release is in a few weeks.  So supposedly she’s released 3 editions of the same album…but those last two were mini’s and I think all of them are on this final rendition which is now a full album.  lollipop+ will be reviewed.

Miyu Kasegi


So no way, she’s 19 and she debuted last year?  Your crazy.  Well, Miyu is definitly is getting some love here with her debut single “Sakurajima (SAKURA)/Shiawase na Nichi”  So with that release so far, I’m definitly going to review that.



The next two artists are debuting under UNIVERSAL-J and just like Nami Tamaki’s debut Sherry’s debut is a cover song “Romantic Ageruyo”.  Now that’s kind of shaky debuting with a cover, but I have hopes for these 5 ladies.

Mao Denda


The final artist I’m including is also debuting under U-J but she’s actually been in the business under a different game, but her Bitter Sweet looks to be like a great start for her so I’ll review it for sure.



Hitomi Shimatani – SMILES

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Track Listing

  2. Stay with me
  3. SMILES -Instrumental-
  4. Stay with me -Instrumental-


Oh good, we’ve returned back to Hitomi’s latin love or at least that’s what it seems like to me.  There’s a lot of acoustic guitar present and some brass as well.  As usual, she sounds good singing, but I miss her dance tracks so much.  So that kind of disappoints me, but going from the title I wasn’t expecting this to be it either.  It’s good for casual listening for sure.

2. Stay with me

Why are we channeling Kuu?  Instead of being a boring ballad, Hitomi has got it in an upbeat mood.  I’m not feeling much for this song because it just lacks a certain kind of punch that she usually has with her releases.  This just came out a little boring for me, but just like “SMILES”, it’s nice for casual listeners. 



At least Hitomi stepped up a little after “Flare”.  Both songs are nice upbeat songs, but maybe not enough risks taken to make them extraordinary.  I’m unsure but it this is the only single to represent her Best-of album, then this is going to be a sad single.