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Yuna Ito – miss you March 17, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. miss you
  2. BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!
  3. Urban Mermaid -Bittersweet Movement Blood-I Riddimix-
  4. miss you (Instrumental)

1. miss you

The gentle sounds of waves crashing begins miss you, which is not surprinigly a ballad of all things. I have a sense of what her ballads sound like and miss you doesn’t disappoint. Her vocals are just so appealing and really smooth and easy to like. Defintily a smooth track and a pretty ballad.

2. BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!

Oh now this is so odd. Instead of the pretty ballads I’ve heard before from Yuna, this actually was off the wall and is so lively with it’s island-like vibe and feel. I do think that her vocals in the chorus are pretty weak and squeaky, but it’s nothing that could be cleared up by the fact the song’s feeling is BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!

3. Urban Mermaid -Bittersweet Movement Blood-I Riddiemix-

I actually haven’t heard the original much to the dismay of people, so I can’t make a prognosis on how this sounds when compared to the original mix. All I know is the song is about girl power basically so it’s a good topic to start in. I love how she incorporated island themes with this track which makes the singles overall theme complete. Yuna sings really well and the song has a good orchestrated feel to it which I’m surprised it had.



Wow, this single surprised me well. I loved the fact that the single had an overall theme to it and how all 3 tracks sounded way different from each other. I actually am excited to get into “Koi wa Groovyx2” now.


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