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Definitly random! but H!P poll FTW April 2, 2009

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Yep, here’s the list and I’ll go down through the following.

1. Hitomi Yoshizawa

OMFG, I don’t think I would’ve been a huge fan of Momosu if it wasn’t for our tomboy, Yossie.  Got to give credit to her that she stuck with the group as long as she had because she really went from being awkward to being kickass in “Kanashimi Twilight”.  Even now with HANGRY & ANGRY under her belt, she’s continuing this kickass run.

2. Mari Yaguchi

SEXY BEAAAAAM! Sorry, Marippe has definitly won me over with that ever so loving term.  Even though she led the Momosu team not very long, you gotta give credit for being so cute and affectious.  I mean my memorable was the whole Utaban thing where Takaaki was making fun of her Vietnam photobook.  That made me laugh too hard.  Doesn’t help she gets pwned by a later gal on the list.  I find it great she’s continuing with music though ^_^

3. Makoto Ogawa

Poofy faced Makoto has always been the funnest one of the Momosu bunch to me.  I mean first off, she’s got freaky way of speaking, I mean it’s not like squeaky cute, but she’s got a different voice all her own.  It was sad to see her graduate and learn English and to not even really do anything when she got back because of the Elder Club grad, it’s like they killed any chances.  Hope she can get back into music soon!

4. Ai Takahashi

The current leader of Momosu, Ai also has come a long way from being “that” girl to the leader with the best singing voice of the current line-up.  Now I know she’s got one solo single, but when she graduates from Momosu, she’ll definitly have the backbone to continue her career for sure.  Plus she’s quite hot GO AI!!!!

5. Yuu Kikkawa

We’re at our midway point and NO. 5 definitly has to go to Yuu.  I mean she’s got the best voice of MilkyWay…Then again Sayaka and Koharu aren’t ones to really sound good anyways, Yuu definitly showed some potential to be a soloist, now if that comes to fruition, then I’ll be in love!!!!!

6. Mano Erina

She’s actually the only H!P artist nowadays to be a soloist and not be involved in a group of some sorts and y’know what I like that.  With Otome no Inori just being released, can’t help but love this in girl in some way.  Great songs BTW

7. Airi Suzuki

Actually I based this off of the fact she’s part of Buono!.  Airi also comes with the fact that she’s got the best vocals of the trio like Yuu.  Now her on this poll being from C-ute, I’ve never been able to get into them, so I don’t know how she’s shown off in that group, but Airi is definitly my favorite from Buono!

8. Nozomi Tsuji

Likewise, Tsuji never made a real impression on me during her days in Momosu, but when she got into groups like w and Mini Moni, she really showed off in those groups.  As she got older she got badder, which is surprising, because I wouldnt expect that from Tsuji.  I guess it preludes back when she punched Marippe in the no-no zone.

9. Reina Tanaka

I’m probably the only one who likes her good.  Reina to me is considered to forgettable one because she’s not as profound as the other reigning members. (Shabondama does count)  Yeah, she friggin got solos in her debut.  Still, I feel she’s got a long way to go and I hope she gets more time!

10. Hitomi Saito

Yeah, lack of Maki Goto fails the list badly.  Hitomi reigns from Melon Kinenbi and honestly I’ve never gotten into them either, but damn is Hitomi one fine lady.  So kill me for not knowing her presence, but she’s one of the hottest H!P gals I’ve seen!!!!!


Part 2: The Singles, what, how, and why!!!

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Yep it’s time to rundown what the singles are all about



Well, A-sides are basically the representatives of an album.  They are the tracks that the company or artist thinks that’ll profit them the most.  Now, sometimes these A-sides are popular due to a fact that they have a significant tie-on, mostly from Animes or Dorama’s.  Either way they are the most important songs before an album.  Shockingly, rarely an artist will leave out an A-side for who knows what reason.  Just like:


Then we get double A-sides like:


The double A-side usually provide PV’s to both of the tracks promoted.  Once in a while they don’t and leave the first written one with the PV while the other might get one on the album. 


Yep, these do exist as well.  Not as frequent as the double, but triple’s are pretty much for sure all on the albums.  Freaky right?


Then we come to quad A-sides.  By then artists usually make them center around a theme which is pretty much calling them a mini-album.  Still, they consider them singles and you don’t see these a lot.



B-sides are basically the secondary songs to the more important A-sides.  Ranging to have 1, 2, or even 3 B-sides they basically can be less memorable than the A-sides, but more normally they are better in some cases.  Now, they are various because they can appear on an album, or just be forgotton and left on its single.



So remixes are found on “almost” every single.  There’s no way you can’t get away from the fact there’s there’s one.  Now, there’s tons of remixes and remixers for that matter.  Seriously though once again Ayu is the queen of remixes in the singles area as well.  Now these vary, because sometimes they are better than the original, sometimes worse.  Even remixes of past tracks makes it on the single which is strange but cool. 

Instrumentals, Karaoke, Vocal-less, etc.

Just like remixes, almost every single has these.  Take out the vocals and you’ve pretty much got one of these.  Now what’s the use for these is for the hardcore fans that just wanna hear what makes the song w/o the vocals and hear the intricacies.  Me?  Not so much, means more space wasted on the computer. 

Other things


  • Acoutics, Ballad, Orchestra versions take songs with a more flowing entry that separates the songs into different sounds and such. 


  • Live Versions – Seriously…what do I have to explain.  Songs that are played live.  They usually are instantly recognizable by the audience making sound through the performance.  Pretty Straightforward if you ask me.


  • Short Versions – Yep, main track gets shortened due to either long length or a possibly a annoyance…depends…Sorairo Days is different because it had the song split in half basically for two tracks.


  • They are short also because of the fact they are the ending and openings to it’s tie-in and seriously, probably not the needed track, but a treat to the fans.


  • Extended Versions – Of course, who doesn’t love a good long song right? xD  As you guess they take the longer route


  • mp3-mastering versions – Now it’s only well-known by D-TOPIA releases these versions of tracks are actually changed little to actually sound better on mp3’s like iPod’s.  Strange but true.


  • Yep LEO actually had some outside things with his song.  If you played two versions of the same track together, you get a different experience…HOW AMAZING!


  • Mega-mixes – These usually long ass tracks find their way on the final single of the era.  Now being available on both albums and singles these tracks and are a mix of previous tracks mashed into one song, that’s usually remixed. 

Re-cut Single


Basically after an album an artist due to some huge-ass promotinal timing will take an album track and re-release it as a single.  Now in my perspective it’s not a smart idea, but I guess it works since the first two got pretty high on Oricon.  In the sense of the last one,  Ai decided to rearrange the track so it could provide some new versions to rework it better.

Anime Singles

Mostly known character singles.  They usually are sung by the characters VA’s and by seiyuus (same thing).  Though the main difference is that artists like Nana Mizuki or Momoi Haruko never consider these to be official releases and that’s why you don’t see them talked about much or even see them on their official discographies.  Strange? But it’s probably a good thing. 

Enka Artists

Enka artists are the only well-known style to still sell their singles via CD’s and Tape’s….Seriously tapes are so 90’s.  I just had to point that out as well.