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Ami Suzuki – O.K. Funky God April 3, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. O.K. Funky God
  2. O.K. Funky God (God Make Dub)
  3. Narration Drama 「join」 #1 ~7 days before~

1. O.K. Funky God

O.K. Funky God has always been strange with me because it seems to be so laidback and chill from her last efforts.  Like I said in the album review, this song gets better as time flies by.  What I mean is that the beginnings of the track isn’t exactly the most exciting part of the song, but like when it gets near it’s end, there’s a lot of excitment.  Someone from Buffalo Daughter is also singing along with Ami which is a nice touch indeed.  When the guy comes in is like the best part of the song.  So strange and indeed momentous.

2. O.K. Funky God (God Make Dub)

The remix starts off the same way as the original, but given a shuffling kind of sound.  Now the songs sounds so strange and trippy with the sound being drowned out by this whirly kind of sound (I can’t explain it).  It’s a pretty disturbing remix and seriously could have been taken better than this piece of crap.

3. Narration Drama 「join」 #1 ~7 days before~

Ok, if someone would explain the reasoning of having this track on a single then I’ll be grateful.  Like, I know it’s raining and Ami and some “dude” is having a conversation.  Actually, if there’s a translation of what’s going here then I’ll be grateful as well.  It’s just so random so see these drama tracks on a music single!!!!



So Ami’s first single of this “joins” project seems pretty lukewarm.  Disregarding the drama track the A-side is one to warm-up to with its slow start, but trust it’s a good track.  The remix though was just failure times two.  One of her worst remixes if not the worst of her career.


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