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Ami Suzuki – Peace Otodoke!!♥ April 3, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Peace Otodoke!!♥
  2. Peace Otodoke!!♥ ~Natsu no Shounen Campaign Set ver.~
  3. Narration Drama 「join」 #2 ~the day before~

1. Peace Otodoke!!♥

Well, luckily Ami chose a good group to collaborate with.  THC!! has to be one of those fun bands to just perform with and Peace Otodoke!!♥ fits that bill perfectly.  I remember how everyone was just so happy and giddy during the PV.  Then again the song feels like a summer anthem which we already have like two of “Like a Love?” and “Alright!”.  The male lead in the song has a lot of energy in his vocals and so does Ami, except her English failed again here as well.

2. Peace Otodoke!!♥ ~Natsu no Shounen Campaign Set ver.~

We also get a remix of the track and seriously what’s up with the strange random sound of brass replacing the rock sounds.  I’m not sure why, but this song just felt empty and once again showed a lot of problems.  The saxes are nice, but they detracted the emotional value of the song altogether.  Still better than “O.K. Funky God’s” remix.  Yeesh…even weird the male lead gets a few extra lines not seen in the main track.

3. Narration Drama 「join」 #2 ~the day before~

Instead of rain filling the background we hear waves crashing and Ami narrating (oh, ok) and breathing and running before answering her cell phone.  Now that’s all I know from this, but I still don’t know what the hell they are talking about.  Seriously???



Ami’s 2nd “joins” single is just like the first single.  I liked this one a bit more than “O.K. Funky God”.  I mean this is the only song of the three singles that’s active on my iPod.  Shows you guys how much this era/project sucks.  Now the remix was a smidge better than the last remix though and that’s not saying alot…ugh…


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