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Ami Suzuki – Soremo Kitto Shiawase April 3, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Soremo Kitto Shiawase
  2. Soremo Kitto Shiawase (Basic Session Version)
  3. Narration Drama 「join」 #3 ~the day after~

1. Soremo Kitto Shiawase

Ami “joins” Kirinji for the final A-side of the era with the ballad of the three.  It’s actually quite nice for a ballad since she’s been hit and miss throughout her career in avex.  It’s like later track “Bitter…” but without the dance beats to back it up.  I kind of like the pop arrangement and the small electric guitar moments to back it up.  6 minutes though?  A ballad shouldn’t really strive to go that long, but this song is dreamy.  Even Kirinji is heard doing a little bit of BKGD vocals.

2. Soremo Kitto Shiawase (Basic Session Version)

Or what it should be called, the acoustic version.  Taking out the ethereal stuff and the moving strings, all it is is Keyboard, Drums, and Guitar.  There’s a bit less going on and actually sounds just as well as the main version if not more appropriately written.  Finally a good “remix” to one of these singles.

3. Narration Drama 「join」 #3 ~the day after~

I have no idea where the setting is….I think it’s a train station because it stops and you hear footsteps.  Now, once again the topic is unknown to me, so I can’t help you out there but seriously translations please!!!!!!



Ami finally finishes up the “CONNETTA” era with a pretty good release.  Both of the songs really sound nice and even though the length is a bit long for a ballad Ami sounds quite nice with Kirinji.  I deem this the best of the 3 singles just for having 2 good tracks.  Now I wish she didn’t embark in this project because honestly, too many singles occupy “CONNETTA” and what happened was well…4 new tracks…pretty low standard IMO.  Oh yea BTW, this sold the most outta the 3 singles.


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