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Momoi Haruko – Lumica April 4, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Lumica
  2. Chuo Line
  3. Lumica (Karaoke)
  4. Chuo Line (Karaoke)

1. Lumica

All I knew was how epic this song really took Momoi.  Combining a bajillion different synth sounds and keytar really makes for a good dance track.  Momoi’s vocals are bearable because it’s not as seiyuu-y as it normally is and she carries a good amount of energy.  I don’t know why, but I really like this track and it’s just as good as “Sunday early Morning” which is fortunate.  Great song!

2. Chuo Line

Chuo Line is quite different from Lumica as it has little to no synths in the song.  There’s an actual band performing.  Hearing this drop off shocked me good because I didn’t think Momoi could pull this off as well as she did.  Her vocals are a bit better here as well which made the song a better listen.  Think of something Shion Tsuji or YUI would pull.  Different genre altogether IMO



Momoi’s final single for the “Sunday early Morning” era was wowzers.  I didn’t think she’d pull it off as well as she did.  Looking at the other singles of the era, none could match the epicness of this one single.  Lumica was electronic heaven while Chuo Line was more of a throwback as a band member before going solo. *RECOMMENDED*


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