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Rie fu – URBAN ROMANTIC April 8, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Something In My Head
  2. Sunny Days
  3. Hey I’m Calling Up!
  4. Business
  5. Anata wo Omoeba Afureru Namida
  6. Romantic
  7. drummy
  8. She Can’t Say No ~no to ienai onna~
  9. Money Will Love You (English Version)
  10. Itsuka Kono Michi no Saki ni ~All The Way~
  12. SUKI
  13. Romance (Strings Version)

1. Something In My Head

There is definitly something in her head when this album starts and it’s sort of unexpected.  Unlike the synths of “Romantic”, this track sounds so lively and cute with it’s 70’s retro feel.  It’s quite strange and since a good portion is in English which makes the song a lot more easier to connect with.  Great song to start off the album.

2. Sunny Days

I love how a string bass begins Sunny Days before the hectic drums and strong piano presence appears.  It also has a pretty 70’s-like vibe in the song, but being such a short track was it’s letdown.  Still what we got from the song was fun and passionate and is an early favorite of mine.

3. Hey I’m Calling Up!

I’m obviously hearing some nice things about Hey I’m Calling Up.  Unlike the fun vibes of the last two tracks, things seem to have calmed down a bit.  Sadly, the song to me isn’t that memorable, but I do love her enthusiasm to the song.  Maybe it’ll work for people who like mid-tempo pop tracks.

4. Business

Luckily, Business is just so amazing.  I love how synthy this is and how Rie fu starts singing about drinking before going into her native tongue.  It’s definitly got a J-teky vibe, but without the vocoder and seriously it’s one of the album’s best tracks right.  Rie fu and synths = WIN, especially with this and our sixth track. 

5. Anata wo Oboeta Afureru Namida

What’s up with the synthetic elements that are making this album?  It’s so different from “Tobira Album”.  Our next track at first seemed to be taking the ballad route, but the chorus definitly proves that it’s more of a pop song with rock touches.  I love the piano melody and the random synth beats that pop in every so often.  It’s pretty good but nothing too special.

6. Romantic

Then again, it is put in between the awesome tracks.  Romantic started off (or did it?) this era off on a surprising not because well this is the lone track where Taku from m-flo had a part in and surprisingly fits the albums mood which is funny because if it wasn’t on this album, I’m sure the album wouldn’t have been so synthy, right?  I mean, Romantic is still a little strange to the hardcore Rie fu fans (then again this album so far is surprising).  Still amazing J-tek track.

7. drummy

drummy, is definitly much on the percussion and the song has a pretty funky sound and even though it slowly adds different instruments as time passes by.  There’s a synth sound that sounded like it was going to a bigger sound, but then it just pwns me and goes to a new verse.  I’d suggest it’s a pretty jazzy sound and eventually gets to a pretty sweet chorus.  Nice track.

8. She Can’t Say No ~no te ienai onna~

Our shortest track appears next and is all in English.  The lyrics are so poetic and Rie fu projects this in a pretty interesting fashion and given an upbeat sound was a nice touch.  What was that buzz though…it just seemed random, there’s other moments in it too.  Iono, another song that should’ve been longer.

9. Money Will Love You (English Version)

Hey, an English Version of a track from the “Romantic” single.  It’s nice to actually hear the song in an easier way.  I really loved the lyrics of the song, even though the meaning is pretty blunt and sometimes doesn’t exactly quite make sense when she says ~money will love you~.  I guess it’s better….?

10. Itsuka Kono Machi no Saki ni ~All The Way~

Our next song seems to pull Rie fu towards her past sound because it’s heavily folkish and Rie fu is using more of her higher pitches in the verses which was interesting.  Then she pulled the biggest WTF moment of the album when during the first verse, I hear ~how to fuck it up and know I’m doing the best…~  I was like whoa whoa whoa!  Rie fu cussed?  It’s just was so shocking that the rest of the song kind of passed by LOL. 


Our final single of the era actually sounds so much better on the album than it did on the single.  It’s still not the most memorable ballad in her collection, but now I can actually appreciate it without tying it to the B-sides as much.  She sounds so amazing in this song though, but the arrangement is a little boring.  Ok song

12. SUKI

SUKI switches different things with “PRESENT”.  Like instead of piano fronting the song there’s just an acoustic ballad and a light beat to keep things calm and collected.  I little time passes by, but it turns to be adding another acoustic guitar and light played beats.  I actually prefer this to “PRESENT” as it was just a nice calm track to listen to.

13. Romantic (Strings Version)

We end the album with a rearranged version of Taku’s track.  Basically taking all of the synth elements out and put in some strings and piano made the song sound pretty good.  It isn’t as good as the original, but hearing Rie fu resinging the track though was a smart choice because I think the song is also a bit faster.  One thing I didn’t like about is the awkward transitioning from bridge into the chorus…it’s just didn’t flow well into each other.

Tracks Recommended

  • Business
  • Romantic
  • SUKI
  • Something In My Head
  • drummy

Song of Avoidance

  • Hey I’m Calling Up

I really enjoyed this album a lot more than Tobira Album for sure.  The new synth idea she’s taking is definitly something to keep considering since her best stuff was under it.  I still don’t know why Rie fu omitted “HOME” for the album since I liked it, but other than that this album was pretty calm and nice.


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  1. Megumi Says:

    Darnit XD. This just had to come out WHILE I was at school =( *was stalking mp3 comms for it this morning XD*. Thanks for the review Bretty-bretty ;D

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