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HANGRY & ANGRY – SadisticDance April 12, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. SadisticDance

1. SadisticDance

Straying away from the hardass sounds of “Kill Me Kiss Me”, SadisticDance contains a lot of synths which definitly has an effect on the song and it’s definitly one of their catchier songs.  I gotta say, this is a more dance-oriented track with rock twinges.  Yossie sounds pretty thin a good portion, but this song suits more towards Rika-chan this time and definitly a track worth getting.



HANGRY & ANGRY’s first digital release was for a pretty awesome song.  I’m so happy to see new material from them since their mini-album was almost perfect.  SadisticDance seems to be striving away from a harder sound to a dance style and it worked for them.  Another high quality track.