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Tommy heavenly6 – I KILL MY HEART April 28, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Wait For Me There
  2. Leaving You
  3. Do You Know My Heart?
  4. Sad End To A Fairy Tale
  5. Shut Up
  6. Flower Crown
  7. Surely
  8. Gonna Change My Way Of Life
  9. Playground
  10. Things I Can Do
  11. You Should Live In The Sunny Light

1. Wait For Me There

The first PV known and featured a version with Tommy february6 as well.  The song has potential because it’s rock and is a little dark and foreboding.  The problem is that the chorus was the most boring thing ever.  I know she could’ve sang in the higher register, but this song really didn’t express her much.  I like the middle, but everything else was just very boring.

2. Leaving You

Leaving You was the 2nd promotional track for this album.  Oddly it seems like it’s a mixture of “Wait For Me There” and “Unlimited Sky” which definitly meant that this song was just unoriginal and more boring than the first track. It’s a bit slower though, but c’mon this is even worse.

3. Do You Know My Heart?

Our first new track comes up next and it’s a bit upbeat and lighter in moods.  I thought the song was good, at least until the strange chorus where’s she’s sounding a lot like something off her last album.  Sometimes it feels like the song is two ideas colliding together for a song.  So far I think this album has hope and hearing this track is pretty cool.

4. Sad End To A Fairy Tale

I kind of like this track as well because it’s a calm and raw track that’s quite different from the likes of the others so far.  The chorus is a bit louder than the rest of the song, but it sounds quite dark and cool.  Tomoko just sounds pretty rad in the chorus for sure.  I think this is my favorite track so far.

5. Shut Up

Shut Up is for sure Tomoko’s most relentless track on this album.  There’s some guitar wailing and Tomoko’s interest in the song just sounds so cool against the heavy guitar riffs and loud drum playing.  The chorus is so rockin’, it’s crazy.  Sadly, it’s the only hard track on the album which is disappointing.  Even sadder is the song’s track time of 2:36

6. Flower Crown

Flower Crown to me has the most interesting song title.  Then again, it’s also the worst song off the album.  There’s just nothing too spectacular about it and it just reeks of boring chords and a bad guitar line.  Tomoko tries to sound good, but she sucks altogether not even showing any signs of caring.

7. Surely

I’m pretty sure Tomoko had Avril Lavigne in mind with this track because it sounds exactly like something she’d pull off.  In other words, the song sounds a bit emo and the use of different guitars make the sound more complete than the others, but there’s something missing when I’m listening to this track…I just can’t put my finger on it.

8. Gonna Change My Way Of Life

At least this song was pretty good.  I think the best thing about the song is the crazy chorus where she sings the title and they how she gets enthusiastic at saying it.  Even the band sounds good otherwise.  It definitly raised my spirits, especially after the last few songs.  That is until it ends early at 2:40.

9. Playground

Playground has the same problem, and it’s the shortest track off the album, being two seconds shorter than “Shut Up”.  As we are on that song…Playground reminds me of the song as well, but given a smidge of upbeat sounds which does make it sound cool.  The way Tomoko is singing the verses makes this playground seem creepy almost to the point where it’s like “PAPERMOON”.  Weird huh?

10. Things I Can Do

Things I Can Do is alright, but her being monotone does not help the song one bit.  It’s like she only knows like what? three notes?  The song sounds more upbeat then a good portion of the tracks on the album.  I guess it’s a song to warm up to, but right now it’s kind of bothersome because of the staleness of Tomoko’s singing.

11. You Should Live In The Sunny Light

If you like melancholic tracks, this song definitly fits the persona well.  It’s kind of depressing and with nothing in the song except a muffled guitar playing the melody.  Honestly, I was happy to finally hear a song that doesn’t have the band, but why did it have to be the last song.  Tomoko sounds pretty good as well.  She definitly needs more of these kind of songs.

Tracks Recommended

  • Things I Can Do
  • Sad End To A Fairy Tale
  • You Should Live In The Sunny Light
  • Shut Up
  • Playground

Song of Avoidance

  • Flower Crown

Honestly?  This was Tomoko’s worst album to date.  First off, it was a concept album which I think meant that she just used one band for the recording which is unfortunate especially with what she did on “Heavy Starry Heavenly”.  Second the majority of the songs lacked any interest and was either a cheap knockoff of other tracks (previous albums, and tracks here).  I’m not sure why she decided to this, especially two months after her best-of albums…I don’t know but this was a bad album


One Response to “Tommy heavenly6 – I KILL MY HEART”

  1. takumi from JPN Says:

    The reason this album released is heavenly6 original concept. Previous work has not always what is desired for her label had to request or contract. If you can understand her lyrics, then you can better understand the heavenly6 world.

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