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Yuna Ito – trust you April 30, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. trust you
  2. Brand New World
  3. Koi wa groovyx2 -DJ-PASSION MORE PASSION REMIX-
  4. trust you -Gundam 00 Version-
  5. trust you (Instrumental)

1. trust you

Gundam is well-known for their epic tracks like “INVOKE”, “Believe”, “River”, and countless others.  Sadly, Yuna Ito fails to give an epic song.  I mean yes, it’s a ballad of course but the series itself has had way better ballads.  Now if I didn’t call for the tie-in the song is alright, but “miss you” and “Koi wa Groovyx2” are better tracks of the era.  The song mixes piano, strings and a shuffling beat to make a song.  Yuna’s vocals are good here as well, but the song is just a bit mild and nothing spectacular to write home about.

2. Brand New World

I was surprised the B-side was going to so upbeat.  This definitly fitted more with the Gundam theme with how the synths were working the song around.  Yuna once again sings well, but her hitting the high notes is less than favorable as it sounds strained to no end.  Still it’s a pretty good B-side considering all of the other B-sides she’s had in the era.


I guess this remix gave an already upbeat track a more festive sound.  I do like how it does sound with the drums and whistles and stuff.  Though, the remix probably wasn’t really needed just because the song is already party-flavored.  I noticed that she says ~Brand new world~ during the song which is oddly weird, but w/e.  Good remix though.

4. trust you -Gundam 00 Version-

It’s weird that she rearranged the song and reworked new lyrics into the song.  I mean there’s no ballad sound in the song which cool and the song sounds like it could be an ending actually.  It still doesn’t fit in the Gundam world, but this actually sounds cool.  It’s also very short though, so it isn’t as important.



trust you kind of was disappointing in the way huge anime tie-ins are done.  trust you isn’t exactly what you call worthy of such a tie-in but alone it was a nice ballad, but “miss you” was better than this.  Brand New World however should’ve been the tie-in with it’s upbeat synth nature.  I thought that was a surprising track to hear from her.  The remix and TV Mix both were nice treats for the single, but did they really need to be there?  Meh, worst single of the era IMO


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