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ayaka – Real voice May 1, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Real voice
  2. Peace loving people
  3. Real voice (instrumental)

1. Real voice

I’m kind of happy she went back to more of an upbeat kind of sound because this song would be something I’d stick with and listen to alot.  There’s just a great feeling of carelessness in the song and even though the arrangement screams Ai Otsuka, ayaka did a great job with the song IMO. 

2. Peace loving people

Peace loving people continues to carry this fun sense of emotion and Plp is a bit more soulful as well.  ayaka’s voice sounds a lot more cemented into the song and she has great control with the track.  The only problem I really had was that the piano melody gets a bit annoying after a while, which sucks, but this is definitly a special to her I bet.



The 3rd single of the era, Real voice was a big step-up from last one by a long shot.  The only thing that stood out on that single was the live versions, which sadly there wasn’t any on this *sheds tears* anyway both songs were comfortable songs to listen to and I liked relaxing to the tracks.  So far, this is my favorite single of the era


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