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Minami Kizuki – Dareka no Tame ni/Wasurenagusa May 1, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Dareka no Tame ni
  2. Wasurenagusa
  3. Hikari

1. Dareka no Tame ni

The first A-side of the single is a ballad and kind of calm with its guitar sounds, but the drums are very loud and they oddly stand out from the song.  When she hits the chorus it’s pretty sweet with the addition of some strings added to the background.  Minami sounds heavenly in ther verses, but the chorus it seems she’s a little bit weak and add in those funky vocal stylings and it comes out a bit strange.  It’s an alright track, better than the first single though.

2. Wasurenagusa

Luckily the other A-side is way better.  The beginning sounds so pretty with it’s piano/violin mix.  It actually sounded like an Enya song, then again a lot of stuff sounds like it.  I actually got used to the vocal thing pretty quickly and Minami still sounds great and superb.  Sometimes I think the song is pretty much a better version of “Piano” but better and a lot more easier to swallow.

3. Hikari

This track just spilled new style for Minami.  It’s got a space-like sound to it and the drums sound muffled while the piano enters the fray before the chorus.  Minami sounds the best in the verses again because she doesn’t stress out her vocals and it’s pretty soft-spoken with the piano and light synth.  The chorus was a bit like “Dareka no Tame ni”, but this is the best track on the single.



Minami’s 2nd single blew her debut out.  She didn’t seem to rely on her funky vocal style as much as “Ai Tsumugi” and the songs sound pretty fresh and beautiful to listen to.  Hikari was the best because she did step out to get some synths, Wasurenagusa was really good as well focusing on getting the whole guitar/strings ballad thing down.  Dareka no Tame ni” was ok at best…just nothing too spectacular.


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