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Aya Ueto – way to heaven May 4, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. way to heaven
  2. Owari ni Shou
  3. Shimokita Ijou Harajuku Miman (French Bossa Version)
  4. way to heaven ~Instrumental~

1. way to heaven

This is so very surprising.  When I first heard of Aya Ueto, she was this kickass chick with a sword.  Then I got into her single, this way just jaw-dropping and definitly something I wouldn’t have though she’d do at all.  It’s very upbeat and poppy.  Aya’s vocals are pretty expressive, even though they aren’t the better vocals.  There’s a little bit of a jazz influence as well which is pretty cool.  Other than that, I feel like she’s had way better tracks.

2. Owari ni Shou

Owari ni Shou on the other hand, definitly reminds me of something from the Final Fantasy series.  It starts out dark with low thumps and not a lot on the arrangement.  Then Aya comes in and radiates the song a lot which is so nice.  I liked her a lot more singing in this song than in “way to heaven”.  It’s something I love to hear in a ballad and is quickly becoming something I really enjoy.

3. Shimokita Ijou Harajuku Miman (French Bossa Version)

So this track is a bunch of things.  First, it’s a cover of a track that Aya was on and second it’s a remix of the song she covered back on her Best-of.  Now since that’s outta the way.  Shimokita Ijou Harajuku Miman here is a lot more calming than the other songs which is cool.  It’s light bossa nova sound is just what this song needed IMO and Aya’s calm vocals are sweet and cute at the sane time.  DAMN, so good.



Aya Ueto’s first single for a new era was surprising in many ways.  way to heaven showed off her poppy side in full fashion and surprised me a lot.  Owari ni Shou took the cake for being such a moving ballad and yet containing some darker undertones in it.  The remix however was just the thing I needed and is an awesome touch to the single!!!


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