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Stephanie – Kimi ga Iru Kagiri May 4, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Kimi ga Iru Kagiri
  2. All the Way

1. Kimi ga Iru Kagiri

Oh what the hell? 0.o  That was an amazingly high note opening to this track.  It’s funny that it’s the only time you really hear her use that amazingly high note though.  Other than that, Kimi ga Iru Kagiri is your typical J-pop ballad which doesn’t exactly mean anything to me.  It’s nice, but it’s like mirroring how alan showed off her mountain notes in “Ashita e no Sanka”.  Both wanted to start off their careers on a high note (literally).  It’s alright for a ballad though.  Stephanie though does have a good voice on her though….hmm….

2. All the Way

As a surprise, Stephanie decided to go rock on us for the first B-side and even though it’s like hearing Kylee singing, Stephanie doesn’t really have any problems with singing in this style and I kind of prefer this over “Kimi ga Iru Kagiri”.  It’s a pretty rad song in other words LOL


However, when Steph gets into the pop side of things, she kind of screws up royally.  It’s like super-duper cheesy and I rather not listen to Steph doing these kind of things.  The music is fine, it’s just her lines in English makes me shudder because of the corniness going on.  I liked her voice except the whole ~I’ll be your girl~ lines.  I guess it can be enjoyed, but in long intervals.  She’s definitly channeling Mariah Carey in this song, how funny is that? 



Stephanie’s debut single was nice actually.  I was actually on ends to see if I liked her and the only track I really listened to was 3rd A-side, “Winter Gold”.  I think Stephanie can have a pretty good career, because I’m liking what I’m hearing so far


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