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Mano Erina – Hajimete no Keiken May 16, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Hajimete no Keiken
  2. Nakimushi・Yowamushi
  3. Hajimete no Keiken (Instrumental)

1. Hajimete no Keiken

I was kind of elated when I first heard Hajimete no Keiken because it isn’t a boring ballad, but more of a happy-go-lucky track.  There’s a lot of new things I’m hearing, which is mostly the strings.  I mean of course they were present, but wasn’t so important as it is here.  Manoeri’s piano playing is just as cute and such.  The only thing I was annoyed is the verses because she repeats a word three times through the whole time…it wasn’t very tasteful.  Still, it is better than “Manopiano” and “LaLaLa-SoSoSo”.

2. Nakimushi・Yowamushi

Haven’t we seen Yowamushi somewhere before?  Oh yea, Momosu.  Well, it’s not a cover and it’s definitly something different for Manoeri, sadly it’s not much to me.  Manoeri is sadly very monotone throughout the song and even though it’s got some rock touches, it kind of fails because the song just doesn’t do anything for me despite the new sound she brought.



So here’s her second major label single and it was alright, but “Otome no Inori” was overall a better single.  I did like Hajimete no Keiken with it’s more happier sound and it wasn’t a ballad.  Nakimushi though just was too boring for me, but I’m pretty sure there’ll be people that’ll like it.