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MONKEY MAJIK – Aishiteru May 22, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Aishiteru
  2. robots inc.
  3. Aishiteru -DJ Mitsu the Beats remix-

1. Aishiteru

After their album ‘TIME” (which I haven’t listened to yet, because of that thing that happened), I kind of was expecting something nice and what I got was something nice and pretty grandiose.  It’s got a pretty nice and calm arrangement consisting of piano, strings and band stuff.  Since this is also the first time hearing MM in Japanese it’s kind of strange that two Canadian guys can pull it off well.  It’s definitly a good A-side IMO.

2. robots inc.

robots inc. sort of reminds me of their collaboration with Anna Tsuchiya on “GINGER”.  Except this is fully in English and has a pretty catchy clapping rhythm.  I kind of find it funny that it’s called the way it is and have it not include synths.  The thing that hurts it the most though is that is only over 2 minutes causing it just be too short and I swear I’d like it for sure.

3. Aishiteru -DJ Mitsu the Beats remix-

Instead of the flowing arrangement, Aishiteru’s remix is more innocent?  I don’t know it seemed like it was more focused on vocalist because the only true thing that changed is that the song got a light R&B touch which doesn’t make a whole lotta sense for Aishiteru.  Meh, I rather listen to the original, thx.



MONKEY MAJIK has been really busy since “TIME”.  Both Canadian brothers going out for solo projects, their collaborations with Anna and ravex also included.  It’s nice to see them return for their first of the era and Aishiteru is a good way to do it.  The emotional sense of the song worked and the music was pretty darn nice…the remix though was a little empty and confusing, but it’s ok at best.  robots inc., despite the length is a pretty good B-side as well.  Good single overall ^_^