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Stereopony – Namida no Mukou May 29, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Namida no Mukou
  2. Stereopony no Tabi wa Tsuzuku
  3. Hitohira no Hanabira ~AIMI Acoustic Version~
  4. Namida no Mukou ~Opening Version~
  5. Namida no Mukou ~Instrumental~

1. Namida no Mukou

Another big tie-in?  This time for GUNDAM 00, Namida no Mukou is actually a step up from their last A-side because AIMI is singing better and not staying on one note for forever.  Other than the band playing, I hear synths also being used lightly in the song which does fit with the song pretty nicely.  I haven’t been this happy for a GUNDAM track since the brilliant green’s “Ash Like Snow”, so this was a sweet surprise.

2. Stereopony no Tabi wa Tsuzuku

Right off from the start, I knew this would’ve been as upbeat as “Yuukan na Funny Friends”.  It’s just as peppy and interesting to listen to so I like it easily and possibly moreso.  AIMI’s singing does sound better than the last single, but her higher register still isn’t right and her energy is somewhat lacking as well.  I even get a solo from AIMI which is super nice since it’s what I asked for.

3. Hitohira no Hanabira ~AIMI Acoustic Version~

It’s pretty interesting when artists stick on Acoustic Versions to their song.  In a group though?  This is pretty interesting since I only think SHIHO and AIMI are in the track because i hear tambourine being played in the background by SHIHO while AIMI is playing the guitar and singing.  NOHANA is probably present giving the BKGD vocals.  This is where I start to really enjoy Stereopony because they can really play their music.  I actually like this more than the original actually.



Stereopony definitely exceeded my expectations with Namida no Mukou.  The A-side was a great track and adding a little synth here and there didn’t hurt the song one bit.  The B-side was surprisingly just like “Yuukan na Funny Friends” and yet it was better than it, which is always good.  The acoustic version of their debut though blew me away and shows that they are a great group despite being new.


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