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Yousei Teikoku – Gekkou no Chigiri May 29, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Gekkou no Chigiri
  2. Simulacra
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Gekkou no Chigiri (Instrumental)

1. Gekkou no Chigiri

Being a tie-in again for the same anime Kurokami (Irodori no Nai Sekai was also tied in the series).  I actually was surprised that this wasn’t as cheesy as the last song they did.  This time around there’s a lot of strings playing around in the song giving it a more flowing style to what Yousei Teikoku hasn’t done in a while.  Yui sounds better than she did, but it’s still kind of higher pitched. 

2. Simulacra

I really like their crazy titles like “Alte Burg”, “Valkyrja”, and etc.  So seeing this title, I was wondering what I would find and wow this is a pretty good ballad because Yui is singing and I mean singing good here.  The music has a very eerie feel because there’s like deep synths and some distant bleeps that come in.  I have to say it does remind me of a better arranged “Vermillion Tiara”.  I’m liking this song a lot.

3. Sacrifice

I kind of knew there had to be a hard rock song from the duo and Sacrifice would be that song.  It actually sounds like something I’d hear in a Guilty Gear game because it’s relentless and full and crazyness that I love with Yousei Teikoku’s harder stuff.  It’s pretty cool to hear synths getting equal time as well, giving the song an even fuller sound.  What’s this Yui is under auto-tune as well?  WTF this is great!



HOLY SHIT.  Yousei Teikoku is definitly on a roll since the release of “Wahrheit”.  Gekkou no Chigiri is their best single so far in the duo’s career and having just reviewed the earliest work available, they’ve come a loooong way and is awesome.  Gekkou no Chigiri is the closest thing to a ballad I’ve heard from the in a while and even then, it’s sweet and charming almost.  Simulacra was the creepy ballad so it leveled the single good….that is until Sacrifice came in and rocked the single to awesomeness.  *RECOMMENDED*


One Response to “Yousei Teikoku – Gekkou no Chigiri”

  1. Moon Shadow Says:

    i also really liked this single. i just love gothic rock and erie creepy-ness songs and artists (excpet asriel). i wish i could find their indies albums…. =(. anyway i totally agree with you.

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