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misono – end=START/Shuuten ~Kimi no Ude no Naka~ June 4, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. end=START
  2. Shuuten ~Kimi no Ude no Naka~
  3. end=START (Instruemtnal)
  4. Shuuten ~Kimi no Ude no Naka~ (Instrumental)

1. end=START

I’m pretty sure that misono is getting things right with end=START.  That it is until the boring chorus.  Everything else was actually pretty good because she showed some great vocals and the music was energetic.  I just wonder what happened with the chorus being so boriing.  Maybe the final chorus was the best one. 

2. Shuuten ~Kimi no Ude no Naka~

However, the surprise of the single is the ballad B-side, Shuuten.  Now this era has been full of acoustic ballads and this easily tops all of them in one fall swoop.  Then again it is an actual ballad with strings and drums which does make everything a whole lot better.  misono still does depend on her vibrato a bit to much and her high notes are a bit weird.  Still, at least it’s something I can listen to without cringing. 



Finally, a good single from misono.  After “Kyuukom/? cm” I was hoping there was something to beat that single and this is my favorite single of the era so far.  end=START is the typical misono rock-track so I was happy with that even though it doesn’t top “Ninin Sankyaku”.  Shuuten was definitly nice and I don’t think we actually had a true ballad to feature the stuff Shuuten did, and I liked it alot.