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Aya Ueto – Namida no Niji/SAVE ME June 6, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Namida no Niji
  2. SAVE ME
  3. way to heaven ~100db mix~
  4. Namida no Niji -Instrumental-
  5. SAVE ME -Instrumental-

1. Namida no Niji

Namida no Niji begins the single off pretty awesomely.  Unlike the uber poppy “way to heaven”, this track is actually a ballad of all things and we get to hear more of a softer side to Aya.  The music is really nice mainly filled with strings and piano and drums.  I thought it was done pretty nicely.  Aya’s vocals however doesn’t well here as they sound a bit off the note most of the time.  It’s alright, nothing too special.


At first, I thought SAVE ME was also a ballad, but it’s actually a rock/pop track which also brings out the better Aya as her vocals are more solid this time around.  Her high notes are a different story though LOL.  Still as I look deeper in the song, it features the same instruments as the last track except with the addition of guitar and bass.  So when it really came down to it, this tops the primary A-side.

3. way to heaven ~100db mix~

I’m not gonna question this, but way to heaven actually got itself a remix.  I really didn’t know what they could do with a remix of a girly pop song, but yet here it is.  Instead of the previous sounds, it’s heavy on the synths and Aya’s vocals and singing are messed around with a lot.  There’s just more music going on instead of Aya singing.  Even then it doesn’t fit in this single at all.  Not so good.



Aya’s 2nd of the era, Namida no Niji/SAVE ME was a step down from the last single.  First off Namida no Niji was just not that good of a track from here and she’s had better ballads I bet.  SAVE ME was a bit better, and it had a good punch to it, so easily it’s the best.  The remix was just so out-of-place on the single and even then it was a very messy remix at that.  I hope this hiatus has gotten her to make awesome songs.


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