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Kaya – Hyakkiyagyou June 10, 2009

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Track Listing

  1. Ouka -Hyakkirambu Hen-
  2. Kagami Oni
  3. Hannya
  4. Kugutsu
  5. Kasha

1. Ouka -Hyakkiranbu Han-

The only track to really represent this era, Ouka begins the album off and also being rearranged does not surprise me since some of the tracks from “Glitter” ended up this way as well.  Now, the song sounds a bit different with added jingle bells and strings.  You still hear the original sound with the japanese-like sounds, but the mood has changed more into a wintry sound.  Hard to explain but that’s how it reminds me of it.  I’ll take the original please.

2. Kagami Oni

Mirror Demon?  That’s kind of pretty sweet title if you ask me.  It’s also a techno track which is pretty awesome as well.  Kaya’s vocals are deep and add in the fact there’s pipe organ and strings to make it more menacing and freaky which makes this an awesome listen.  It shows more of a gothic look to Kaya and it works in this case.

3. Hannya

Hannya starts off mysteriously with this clanking of some sort which kind makes things uneasy at first, but then these synths appear and Kaya’s softly sung vocals appear and once again sounds different than what I’m used to and I kind of like it.  The clanking does return and it comes in at various intervals which throws the song off a little bit, but without it, it’s a pretty good light electro track.

4. Kugutsu

Kugutsu is quite a dark track on the album which is quite obvious since the album’s overall meaning is demons basically.  Kugutsu however, isn’t that much to write about because of oddly slow it is.  I can picture this at a higher tempo than the one here and it kind of disappoints me.  It is nice to hear Kaya under some kind of vocal instrument…it’s pretty cool.  Still, not the best here.

5. Kasha

Then my hopes are answered with the final song, Kasha.  It’s basically trance and very fast especially for a Kaya song.  It’s got a pretty cool feel and the synth melody is awesome.  I love the guitar riffs though, they really made the song pretty epix and then the quieter part of the song has a clapping beat….this song was just full of surprises and I quite liked it alot.



Kaya somehow is still releasing great stuff and with this release it shows that he can do the darker stuff really really well.  Besides Ouka, the demon songs all worked well with him and at the same time did feel a little demonic to listen to.  Ok, Kasha might’ve been too light, but it was still awesome.  Even though we are getting close to ending his indies era, I thought he was getting better as an indies!


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